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I'm wearing my blue devil horns to work right now, and people have been smiling :)

Halloween is almost here (yay!) and as I'm working on the inventory from HELL, I can't help but think back to halloweens when I was a child.

Is it just me, or have halloween specials fallen off the face of the eart (or tv)? I mean, I remember back to watching all the great cartoons have fabulous halloween themed episodes. Garfield springs to mind, as does Charlie Brown.

What was your favorite halloween special/episode?

Also, what was your favorite halloween costume as a kid?

I had some creative ones: I was pegasus, a traveling sales witch, a coffee can, the tooth fairy, a monarch butterfly....man, my mom loved a challenge!

Back to the inventory...but please, tell me you halloween memories. I'd like to hear them.
Every year in grade school (K-6) we had a Halloween parade. In second grade I was the Statue of Liberty. I HATED that costume, but mom made it so I had to wear it. It was very tiring to have to hold that damn torch up for the whole parade...not that it was long, but i was little. I was a clown, a bride, a spanish lady, a vampire, an assassin, an indian princess, a ballerina, a pumpkin (everyone in my family wore that costume, and the clown one too i think) a witch, catwoman, a M&M...in the more recent future i've been witchy, vampy and the occasional dominatrix ;-). hehe. I still have a pic of me as the clown. Nick thinks it's adorable. :-P

We also had a parade from k-6
starting from first halloween I can remember, here are my costumes, in order:
Age: Costume
3 yrs: A Lion (with a REALLY cute mane made from yarn)
4 yrs: The Tooth Fairy
5 yrs: Monarch Butterfly
6 yrs: A Clown
7 yrs: Pegasus
8 yrs: Traveling Sales Witch
9 yrs: A tap dancing black cat (I had a top hat too)
10 yrs: A coffee can (it was REALLY impressive)
11 yrs: A hippy
12 yrs: A 50's teeny bopper
14 yrs: A bag of trash
15 yrs: Fancy ren faire outfit
16 yrs: Ophelia
17 yrs: gypsy (complete with bodice)

The past few years I've fallen back to wearing my black ensomble w/ witchy make up on, or my fangs for last year. This year I have FAIRY WINGS! YAY!
what did you do for Ophelia? carry a river around with you?
hahhaha naaaah :-P

I did my makeup like someone who had been drowned and wore a somewhat flowy dress. I also had flowers in my hair.
i don't remember my costumes very well, but I was Indiana Jones for Halloween at high school. As for tv specials, I always liked the specials on A&E or the history channel or the Discovery channels. Y'know, the ones about real life vampires or the history of witchcraft. I guess I'm kind of a nerd in that way.
My brother was Indy I think in the 5th grade. He had a great time with that.

Oooo - I love those specials too!! Like "do ghosts REALLY exist?" or debunking old ghosts stories and the like.
i remember back in grade school or junior high, one of the teachers was a "cereal killer." She wore all black and had little cereal boxes stuck all over with plastic knives poked through them. I thought that was cool at the time.
hahahha that IS great!!

The costumes that always freaked me out were the ones that were a colored plastic bag and a really fucked up looking mask. Do you remember those?
I rented a gigantic head sophomore year of highschool. It looked like an over inflated gnome. The beard wnt all the way to the ground, the nose had to be strapped to the forehead to hold it up, and the tophat made me max out at something like 8'1". And i wored a pinstripe suit under it... there are pictures floating around somewhere...
awesome costume!! I wanna see pictures!!

those cheapo ones that looked like a vinyl table cloth? looooots of little kids had those
some of them were creeeeepy. Like I remember one mask was clear plastic except for some HIDEOUS makeup by the eyes and lips.

So wrong, so very wrong.
Let's see...I don't know what ages correspond with which costume, but here are some of the ones I can remember: Care Bear, Lady Bug, Princess, Gypsy, Witch, Barbie (50's poodle skirt style), Renaissance (sp?) girl, and last year I went as Puck, the Hockey Faery. =)
I remember I was a gypsy one year. My hoop earings kept getting caught in my shawl!
hahahha Puck the Hockey Faery....LOVE it! :-P
I recycled the Puck costume for work's little potluck party. What's sad is that I didn't win...I got beat out by a girl wearing a weird hat and a shirt that had a smiley face drawn on the front and a plus sign with the word attitude written on the back. She went as A Positive Attitude.
Don't get me wrong, cute idea, but not really prize worthy. Molly, who went as Medusa, and I got royally screwed. :P But that's the corporate office for you.
How the fuck do any of you people remember this shit? I have no clue what I was for Halloween in my youth. I think once I was a hobo . . . my parents never wanted to make us anything and I never fit into any store-bought costumes, so I always had to borrow a neighbor's bunny suit or just paint shit on my face with lipstick. It was really lame.

I would totally get all into Halloween and dressing up if it was like, a three day occasion. But as a one evening activity, going all out on a costume that loses it's awesomeness as the night wears on just doesn't appeal to me all that much.

Gotta love how I'm the only fucker on here with a bad attitude. *shoots self in face*
It's okay, we appreciate a disenting additude!

The only reason *I* remember this kind of shit is because I have an insanely good memory that haunts me most of my days. The reason I had weird costums was because my mom LOVED to make stuff.

And holy fuck - holloween would kick ASS if it were three days....
ok as far as halloween TV - nothing beats the simpsons :) Although I like Home Improvement's too :)

I dont really remember a lot of Halloween costumes that I wore. i do remember my brother made the cutest lion back when he was about 4. Damn, so cute. I was something blue that year. I can't remember what. I believe i was a witch more years that I can recall, oh vampire too. But my fave that I can remember is going around with my friend Ruth (not very close, but completely troublesome when together) and we went second hand shopping for costumes. I found this furry hat that looked like a dead black cat. I wore my dad's woods clothes, and went as a russian lumberjack.
the lumberjack was back in like early high school
When I was really little, my aunt made me a crayon costume that was totally lame. My favorite was the ewok costume.

The Charlie Brown special was on just the other night.
*sobs* I missed the great pumpkin? NOOOOOO!
Best costume I ever did was for Purim, not Halloween, but it was fun. I was a macrophage. That's right, a white blood cell. I put a large white blanket over myself and slithered across the floor. At the temple's Purim party, I would engulf and absorb food, and some of my friends.

The doctors loved it.
as an ex bio major, I think that's GREAT!

And seriously - Purim kicks ass. I'm jealous of any religion that has a drinking party as a holiday.
I was Sylvester the Cat and Brian was a smurf for the first halloween I remember. I love halloween too. I'm glad you posted this, cause we don't have it here in China.
awww, no holloween? How sad!

I've heared that America REALLY hypes it all up compared to other countries....