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The following quiz is based off a conversation I had with a friend who could, quite arguably be, the most shallow person I know. She's really awesome in most qualities, but when it comes to finding a boyfriend, she tends to lean to "I just want them to be cute." Perhaps this is why she hasn't had very much luck in the boy department...

But anyways - I'd thought I'd ask you guys. What's more important, looks or personality?

Poll #375793 I'm Not SHALLOW! SHUT UP!!

Just HOW important ARE looks over personality?

Looks are EVERYTHING! I don't want ugly babies - they can get their personality from me.
Pretty damn important. I don't want to make my spouse wear a bag over their head during sex.
It's a balance thing. A person can be hot but have the personality of brick, and a person could be ugly as all get out but have the best personality in the world. You need a little of both to make a relationship really work.
Not so important. A person becomes more attractive the more I like their personality.
Fuck looks, I'M BLIND!
Al Bundy said it best:

"Pretty women make us buy beer, ugly women make us drink it."