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Why am I not surprised that the actress who played Buffy's mom is now selling advil?
It's for the head pains. The extreme head pa...YOU'RE NOT MY DAUGHTER!
Hey. . .Booger from "Revenge of the Nerds" is in a prominent role in "Ray."

How fucked up is that?
Dude, I saw that commercial and went "Joyce! Joyce is telling me to buy pain relievers." Cuz, you know, it's Buffy's mom. If you can't trust her, who can you trust?

What they really need to do is get Tony Head in some commercials, cuz I would buy any damn thing Giles told me to buy. It'd be like the Patrick Stewart voiceover in those tire commercials times a thousand.
Giles could tell me to buy dog poop and I would.

And that tire commertial kind of freeks me out. I keep expecting him to say "Make it so!" or "Engage!"
Ah, sweet irony. How I love thee. All they need now is James Marsters promoting Red Cross Blood Drives. "Hi. I'm not a vampire, but I play one on TV..."
Xander should sell protective eye wear.