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As I stated a few months back - I am now looking for ways to be a pro-active part of the solution. I do not want to sign up for any party. I do not want to soley fight against one person. Rather, I want to start locally and work on issues closer to me and build my way up, stressing the issues and not a specific person or party.

The problem is that I don't know where to start.

I know what's important to me: Acting locally, the state of the education system, the message of personal responsibility, maintaining my independant political views, promoting equal rights for all Americans.

I'm looking at being a part of my neighborhood association, to be an active part of my community. I would like to be an active member in the local chapter of AAUW. What I really want to drive home is that it's up to us to work for what we want. I will work for what I want. I don't want to just fight against Bush, but build on what others are working for.

As for the election itself:
I am not dissapointed with the innitiated of Americans. They went out and voted in record numbers which is just amazing. They let their voices be heard. However, I am dissapointed with what the majority of Americans had to say. I'm embarrassed too, that this nation would just throw aside how others see us and still act without cause (Why do I have a feeling Scott is going to chime in with WE'RE THE BEST NATION EVER!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! BRITIANS ARE PANSIES AND THE FRENCH SURRENDER!!!!! WE NEVER SURRENDER! RAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!).

But the process works. I was there yesterday, I saw people make their own choices. We only turned a few people away because they were lacking the right identification, but we told them what they needed in order for them to come back.

I don't know. I really don't know. I woke up this morning and the world had not ended. It's 4 more years of hard work, but if we work together we will not lose any rights, any freedoms, anything that makes this a great country.

Bush does not have that power. WE have that power.
You are entirely to optimistic.
DAMNIT! *too
I personally like to see close elections, because it means we have a healthy balance of opinions. Some may talk about the country being "too divided", but I don't think that's a bad thing. Our strength comes from unity despite varying ideologies.

However, I believe it is premature to seek that same unity on a global scale. The world is not ready for a one-world government. I believe it will be once we see the advent of more federations (the european union, the african union, and (dare I say) the middle east union). Regional consolidation is needed before we jump the gun and rush into global consolidation.

In terms of global public opinion about recent conflict, we have to ask ourselves why Europe would jeopardize it's own economic interests in order to make America more secure. And don't worry, the "world" may say it hates us, but they will do business with us as long as our money is green.
Global consolidation isn't such a great idea if it's led by Christian fundies. Bush and his ilk believe in a religious idea called "Reconstructionism." Basically, they believe it is their "God-given duty" to bring about the apocolypse. Part of the biblical version thereof is establishing a one-world government.
I've heard of this theory before (or rather, the variant that claims the Bush family is tied to an Illuminati-backed plan to take over the world and harness life-extension technology), but haven't seen anything to suggest that it's anything more than an X-Files script. There is more evidence to support the theory of desired Islamic hegemony.

Personally, I'm not in favor of any theocracy, be it Christian, Islamic or otherwise. I just want people to be able to practice their faith without persecution.
...your blog is only the second one I've read today by a person disappointed with the outcome of the election that did NOT involve whining, tantrum-throwing, or doomsday predictions.

Congratulations for being a grown-up. :)