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Naaah, it's really not THAT bad, actually it's pretty good!

Got to work early today - making sure I have all my hours banked so I can take my half day on friday! Oooh Friday...you're not that far away at all! Just a few more days. The most important part is to work work work so that my days will fly by. I just need to tinker with my perception of time.

Speaking of time, Graham is here! Yay! He came late last night on the train. I picked him up at the amtrak at around 10:30. Currently he is zonked out on my futon back home. I honestly hope he doesn't get bored while I'm at work, but I gave him keys to my place and I'm sure he can figure out the bus system. Tonight I Think I'll give him a driving tour of MPLS and show him the st. anthony area. That may be one of my most favorite parts of the city.

The weekend was good - quiet, but good. I did a lot of cleaning and spent more money than I should have at Target (my addictions are as follows: hair accessories and towels). BUT! I did get a humidifier!! Oh blessed, BLESSED moistour! IT came with a hydrometer or whatever it's called that measures humidity. My apt was around 15%. Optimum range is like, 30-40% or something. Currently I'm now up to 25%! Go humidifier, go!! Unfortunetly, I got the cheap kind with no filter, so I have to clean it every day to make sure no mold grows.

I liked the zombie dialog I wrote on friday, and now I want to find a story to fit it into. IT's been too long since I've written anything, and once again my fingers are starting to crave a pen like an addict craves the needle. Let your mind go and your body will follow.

Target did me in yesterday, too. I just walked around and kept picking up things that i could buy. Makes me so happy:)

God dammit, i keep forgetting Joan of Arcadia is on!!!!!!! I missed it the last two weeks.
Target is crack - that's all there is to it.

I never had this problem with walmart and I used to walk around the one on Mason street for HOURS!

But Target...I could spend so much money there in no time on things that I probably don't really need...
Maybe your Target crack addiction is making you abnormally emotional and responsive to things like Joan of Arcadia.....
Hmmm....interesting hyposthesis...I shall have to test this further...
Who is Graham?
A friend from back home. DUUUUUUUUUUH! Haven't you been reading my journal daily?!?! It's more important than the BIBLE!

Sure, you may go to hell for not reading your bible daily, but miss a day of meg's LJ and you've lost your way. Seriously.
Since I am relying on wifi, my ljing has declined.
tsk - that's hardly an excuse worthy of the church of Meg! :-P