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Gah - I've been here for almost five hours now but I still have five left to go. That's the sucky part about coming in early. But at least I'll have a half day on friday and I won't have to take half hour lunches.

Aaaah, a full hour to enjoy my crosswords.

I've been updating our job site and munching on cheese sticks. Mmmm, delicious processed food like substance. I'm envious of people who have big offices with lots of different people walking in and out all day long. My office is tiny, and it always worries me when people drop their voices. It makes me think they're talking about me because I'm the only other person in the room. I'm paranoid and damn proud of it. WHO SAID THAT?!??!

I am really off the wall bored here. I have a few things going on at once so I can shift when I get tired, but I'm quickly depleting my resources.

So guys - tell me a story! ANy story! All of you are interesting people (otherwise I wouldn't hav eyou on my friends list) so tell me a story! Yay!
So, one time in band camp... umm...

hahahha - I've already heard THAT story! :-P
Many stories i have relate to work at the day care center...i have one from a few weeks ago. One day i was carrying this three year old around (tyler) and he felt my bra strap under my t-shirt. "What's that?" he asked. Figuring that i should leave the whole explanation of boobs up to his mom, i simply told him "i have another shirt on under this one." He looks at me like i'm stupid and says "no you don't." and i insisted "yes i do." So he then pulled back the neck of my t-shirt and stuck his head all the way down it and exclaimed "i don't see another shirt!" hehehe...i thought it was funny.

On friday this little girl was sitting in my lap during our group time, and she was laying back against my chest. She turned around and put her hand on one of my boobs and said "what are these for?" haha. I was pretty speechless and just laughed and told her to turn around and listen to the teacher.

Anyways, i hope those proved entertaining. I have tons of them! I'm going to go do a crossword puzzle as well before work:)
That's a really good picture of you.
Awww, thanks!
*chuckles* Kids are great - you should almost abuse your power and corrupt little minds :)
"Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you" --attributed to Kurt Cobain.

Janidproc: glad to see you on line
Janidproc: Your mom sent your flight information
Janidproc: I can track South west on line
TheLionStrand: I'm sitting in Seatac, with "very low" wireless connectivity.... Still I get my email in fifteen seconds.
TheLionStrand: Isn't this phenomenal.
Janidproc: Look for me in the Orange Element
Janidproc: at the baggage end of the Sac airport
Janidproc: I will arrive, automatically
TheLionStrand: You remember, just five years ago when none of this online tracking or wireless connection was possible?
Janidproc: 10 minutes after the on-line landing is recorded
Janidproc: hehehehe
TheLionStrand: :)
Janidproc: I remember when long distance phone calls were expensive
Janidproc: and saved for 'emergencies"
Janidproc: I also remember when my Grandmother had a hand cranked phone
the element is more red than orange in my opinion...

Say hi to my mum for me!
so this weekend i went home and became a blonde. I was back at school facing my comp when my of my roomies friends walks in. I turn around- their jaw drops and they say "HOLY CRAP!!!"...not quite the reaction i was going for.
hahahhha priceless!! But hey - at least you GOT a reaction! It would have been horrible if NOBODY noticed!
This weekend, on my way to Milwaukee, I almost hit a deer going 80 miles per hour. Man, was he trucking it.

Or rather I was driving 80 mph and nearly collided with a deer. I didn't think to put my high beams on until there he was in the road.

My concerns as I was braking quickly were 1.) not getting killed if I had to hit him, 2.) not rolling my car trying to avoid him and thus getting killed and 3.) hitting him in a manner to kill him if I had to hit him. Which really means my main concern was 1.) don't have to hit him.

I skidded down to thirty before he took off across the remaining lanes and I dodged behind him. I know where there is one there are others and an even bigger deer could've been right behind him. But I knew this guy was big enough to fuck me up pretty bad so I took my chances.

I sailed into the shoulder and came to a stop. I took a few deep breaths and started driving once the lane was clear again. What I really wanted to do was get out, pop my trunk and have one of the Miller brand beverages I was carrying back there. But that would've been difficult to explain to any law enforcement official.

Cop: How are you doing this evening, sir?

Mike: Oh, I was just thinking about calling my lawyer.

Of course, in my mind this was like being struck by lightning. The gods had their opportunity and I'd survived. So what do I do?

I dial it back up to eighty and rocket down 94 with my high beams blaring in front of me.

The moral of the story: You can live in fear and let the random bad things which happen in your life carry too much weight or you can pull over, collect yourself, prepare better for the next time and go back to giving the world hell.
I bet the deer would have liked a malt beverage as well.

And just remember - in Texas it's okay to have an open container of beer in your car.
Yes, but Texas was further than Milwaukee. And in Milwaukee I got hammered.
Aaaah Milwaukee...which is algonquin for "get pissed drunk with your friends so you can forget you live in Wisconsin"
"I HATE YOU!" she screamed. "How could you do this to me?!"

She paced in front of the chair. He could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

"First, it was Josette. Then, it was Lisa. Now, THIS??!"

She threw the papers on the table and stared him straight in the eyes.

"I WISH YOU WOULD JUST DIE." She screamed into his face.

"Good, girl," he spoke softly. "Rehearsal starts Tuesday."
:) I really liked this one.
We went up north to Brainerd this weekend for Job's Daughters, and the girls competed in various things. I had three messenger teams that I coached and I also a girl for the Miss MN Job's Daughter competition.

Two of my teams placed, one took first, the other second place. 90% of the girls who competed placed. And the girl who ran for Miss MN, won. =) I will be going to CA in late July/early August to watch my girls compete on the international level.
what do they compete IN?
In the fall, there are two main catagories: Music and Ritual. Ritual is basically memory work from meetings and initiaions and such. There are several things a girl could compete in under Ritual Competition. I could give you the recap, but it would be so long. So here's the short version, I had 15 girls competing, all of them in multiple catagories. Each of them placed in at least one catagory.

They also took 2nd place in the Music competition, choir catagorie. They sang "Consider Yourself" from Oliver. =)
awesome! That's totally cool :)

Congrats to you and your jobie girls!!!
Thanks! They're totally stoked about going to California.

They want to take the train out there. It should be interesting.
I hear the train ride is pretty, but it's REALLY long...
Definitely long! It's about 40 hours or so. But it's cheaper than airfare at this point.
If hope wasn't my middle name, wierd would be.
That's it. I'm naming my future daughter "Hope Weird."

She may hate me as a teenager, but love me as a grownup.

Naah, she'll hate me then too.
Here is a short, but cute story.

The first of the Niigata earthquakes (the strong aftershocks are not over yet...just had one yesterday that injured several people) came on a Saturday. The following Monday, I was at a kindergarden. I heard one girl (about 4 or 5 years old) say to her teacher, "Guess what? An earthquake came to my house on Saturday!"