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I had a wonderful night.

I came home at about 5:30 and changed out of my icky dress up work clothes and into my comfortable jenny-any jeans. Graham and I discussed what we wanted to do and settled on going out to eat and catching a movie. I suggested "The Incredibles" and Graham nearly fell of the couch in what could be discribed as herorin withdrawl. Aparently he and a few of his buddies have been keeping themselves spoiler free for the 3rd starwars movie. Graham doesn't even know the NAME of the 3rd movie. The trailor for the 3rd is aparently before "The Incredibles." Basically, I dangled a needle infront of his eyes and told him that "just a little bit" won't hurt.

He is George Lucas' bitch.

So we drove down Hennipen, through uptown and downtown, across the bridge and over to St. Anthony Main. We had dinner at Nye's Polinaise then went for a walk along the river trail killing time before our movie started. I love the river trail to a degree that is almost scary. I love the St. Anthony area to that same degree. Sharon told me that is used to be more lively a few years ago with shops and things and people.

I like the fact that it's dead.

The streets were empty and most of the bars were deserted. It was, though, a Monday night. But it seemed like in the whole big city, here was one place, one beautiful place that was untouched by everything else. Just the sound of cars and the river and the feel of the coblestones under our feet.

We wandered aimlessly talking about his time in the army, fun with disposable lighters, just how high a flame from 7 grease soaked pizza boxes can reach, how hard it is to be a Kings fan, and the fact that we could never have a relationship due to the fact that he's national leage baseball and I'm american. Not to mention he's a giants fan and I'm an A's. We should, by all means, be natural enemies.

We picked our way through the bramble and stopped many times to look at the skyline - MY skyline - and then finally went and saw the movie (only first talking to the ticket girl who, we found out, used to live California in places that we knew. Small world!). I will post about the movie later - it deserves it's own review and a good one at that.

We laughed on our way out and drove home on the outsides of a quiet city. All I can say is that it's really nice to have some company.
St. Anthony Main kicks ass. I love the brick road and the quaint buildings.. it's almost like a slice of Europe in the middle of MPLS.
I think it's at it's best in the winter time. In some ways, I can't wait for it to start snowing.