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There are few things in life better than smoking a bowl, curling up on the couch with a friend and watching 2 hours of adult swim.

This week has been going by fast, and for that I am grateful. Some days are going faster than others – this one seems to drag. Graham and I have been having a good time painting the town red these past few days. Last night we went and saw I <3 Huckabees and it’s just as good the second time around. Jude Law plays the part of an annoying asshole so well. I love the line he says when he and Dawn are arguing and he says “This is not what I hired you for.” And she responds with “Well then why did you hire them?” So great, so great.

It’s so pretty outside and I want to go out. But, alas, I still seven more hours here. It’s been slow this week. Horribly, horribly slow. LJ has been hopping, so that’s always a plus, and fandom_wank has provided me with some wonderful bits of humor. It’s been nice to come home to company – and we’re both pretty laid back. This week it’s been eating out, going to a movie, coming home to watch adult swim and smoke up. To me, it’s almost like a little vacation even though I haven’t gone anywhere.

I find it funny when one of my friends from home comes and visits me. Like when Bryan did during Easter. I showed him my city and talked about Davis and old times with him. Graham has been catching me up on local politics which is actually REALLY fun. It’s strange – sometimes I forget that not everybody grew up learning the behind the scenes workings of city politics. I knew most of the people on city council and my mom helped run campaigns for many of them.

Apparently Davis is getting a Target store. This is BIG NEWS. Davis, for the longest time, has been all about no growth. We passed a law a few years back that says that if someone wants to develop land, the whole city gets to vote on it. This was all well and good for a few years until Davis reached a point where people WANT it to grow, and they want malls and discount stores and the whole nine yards.

A little history: Davis DOES NOT HAVE a mall. Davis also doesn’t have a wal-mart, target, k-mart or anything like that. The nearest city that does is Woodland, and that’s about 12 miles to the north. Davis has lots of little shopping centers with small stores and the like. Theoretically we have “The University Mall” but even that doesn’t count. For years, Davis has kept big corporate shopping centers away. They’ve stressed the importance of supporting independent businesses and how that affects the community. You have NO IDEA the uproar that went up when Borders Books moved in (of course, a lot of this was due to Stan Forbes who was on city council, and just happened to own an independent bookstore).

“So where do you go to buy clothes and stuff?”
As I said before, most of the shopping centers are in Woodland, which is about 12 miles to the north of us. This has the woodland mall, a few outlet centers, and I think they have like a Target or Wal-mart or something. They also have a big Orchard’s store there as well. For years, that’s where mom took us to buy clothes. They have a JC Pennys, Mervins, Goshocks, Lane Bryant (or used to) and things like that.

Woodland is also a depressing little town with less to do in Davis. Except they have a mall.

One of the main arguments for getting a Target in Davis is that people say they don’t want to drive up to Woodland when they need a pair of underpants. The counter argument is that they’re building the Target in South Davis, and for people in West Davis, that would mean having to drive across town, in Davis traffic, when going up to Woodland really is just plain faster. And South Davis isn’t all that far away from Sacramento, but that means driving on I-80 and NOBODY wants to do that.

“So is any of this new?”
Actually, no. People have wanted a mall in Davis since malls were born. But Davis…Davis just isn’t a mall city. It’s hard to explain. Davis is actually 5 suburbs in one city. North, South, East, West, and Central. Then there’s the university which is a whole world unto its own. Each of these little burbs has their own shopping center, own community, and own strange little rivalry (A few years ago an Albertson’s in East Davis was closing and suddenly people started claiming that East Davis was depressed. We then started calling it the ghetto. Yeah, East Davis wasn’t too happy with that…). Having a mall in one section will throw off the weird, yet delicate balance that Davis has.

“Why the hell are you telling me all this?”
I don’t know. I guess some of it is that I am feeling a little homesick for my town. Despite the fact that growing up there was a pain in the ass, I’ve come to miss a lot of the little things like the farmer’s market, local restaurants (Dos Coyotes…oh how I miss you), the green belt, riding my bike to the ponds in the North, going to central park for swimming, man…there are a lot of good memories I have. I’m just feeling nostalgic.

If any of my Davis Friends who read this far (and if so, I applaud you!) want to drop in their memories of Davis and the like, please do!

For my friends who are not from Davis but read this far (and then I think you’re just masochistic…), if you would like to share stories about your own home town, that would be great too!
first of all... Smoking a bowl of *what*, young lady? *taps foot and glares accusingly*

Second of all... There's not much to tell of memories of my home town. Just that there was nothing to do. To do any shopping or movie seeing, it was a 45 minute drive to Oshkosh or Stevens Point. It hasn't been until relatively recently that we've gotten anything remotely interesting in Wautoma. We now have a Pamida, and two dollar stores. But we do have plenty of fast food restaurants.
Yeah - I visited Wautoma once. It was tiny. I grew up thinking Davis was small, and then I moved to the mid west.
I liked this post.

There was definitely a Target in Woodland- it was actually in the Woodland mall. Honestly I don't remember much about the shopping in Davis- the only memomy that pops into my head is shopping at the Davis Goodwill for records with my mom, and then getting Togos nextdoor. I also think we used to go to the Davis Albertsons a lot. Ooh, and the swimming you mentioned. Was it a big public pool in a park? If so, we used to go there too. :)
OMG Togos is SO GOOD!

And yes! It was that big swimming pool! There were actually 3 of them, a kiddie pool, a recreational pool, and then the diving pool. Good old central park - that's also where they had the fire works for the 4th :)

Do you have fond memories of Dixon?
Dood! A Target? How did that happen? Wow, just...wow. I'm surprised my parents haven't told me about it.

Yeah, the ghetto thing is funny...especially since fancy Nugget is now in East Davis. =) The idea of 5 suburbs is interesting -- I haven't heard that before, although it makes perfect sense. Where do you place the dividing lines between the 5 sections, by the way? Since I am most definitely west, East/South is very fuzzy to me. I mean, I know the core sections of each, but what do you classify Mace Ranch as? Would you say central starts maybe around Anderson? Or would you extend it all the way out to Oak? Or as far back as 113? North is definitely the area north of Covell, though...it seems to stand out really distinctly. Okie dokie, I'm rambling now...