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I don’t know where to begin in talking about my weekend other than to say it was amazing, simply amazing.

My souvenir book is now signed by all the guests of honor, including sketches by Charles Vess and Jill Thompson. I got Neil to sign it, which I was really worried I wouldn’t because I had missed both his signings. I got him after the CBLDF panel (which was REALLY interesting). As he was signing, the guy who introduced him on Friday night came up and was all “This is the girl who gave me the Terry Pratchett idea!” to which Neil responded “Oh so YOU’RE the one…” and gave me a “we are not amused” look.

Maybe not the best way to be introduced…

I have to say that everybody at the con was super nice. People I had dinner with on Friday would say hello in the hall ways and we would talk about what we’ve seen and who we’ve talked to. The guests of honor were really easy to approach as well, and that was amazing. Just standing in the hallway having a little chat with Todd Klien. Yeah – good times. It would be awesome if they could do this next year, but I highly doubt they will (which is sad).

If anything, it makes me want to become involved with the CBLDF.

And for the bad news, Graham is not coming to EC’s dance with me. He got an email from his mom that said it would be a REALLY good idea for him to come home and volunteer to help move plants from the old herbarium to the new one at UCD. So he’ll be flying out on Tuesday. I’m really going to miss him – it was very nice seeing him and also very nice having company this whole week. I guess it shows how lonely I really am and how I should try harder at making new friends and having steady human interaction. Of course, in order for THAT to happen I actually have to go out and make the effort. Dammit, why can’t all my friends live closer to me?


But really, it’s been an awesome week. Next week my parents come to help prepare for Thanksgiving. After that, it’s advent season and time to start Christmas shopping.

Winter is fast approaching: What do you guys have planned for the holiday season?

Oh, and because of the magnitude of the con, I’ve probably left some details out (in fact, I know I have), but if you have any questions that haven’t been answered, just drop me a line and I’ll answer them for you 
I'm glad you had an awesome time. =)

It's too bad that Graham can't come to GB. I was looking forward to meeting him. Are you still planning on coming out?
Hell yeahs I'm still going! I might try to be crazy and come over right after work on friday, but I'll have to see.
So, what.....Neil doesn't like Terry Pratchett?
No, I don't think it's that really. But maybe he's tired of the joke always looping the two together. Or maybe I misread his look of some sort.
I wouldn't have connected the two....but that's just me. My vote is for a misread look. I'd like to think that he gave you a come hither look :P
Well, tehy've collaborated on Good Omens, they usually are linked...
That's why I say that's just me. I was vaguely aware that they had worked together, but I've not read good omens. Well, now you have to find a convention that Terry Pratchett is at, and tell them they should introduce him as Neil Gaiman
LOL I don't think it would have the same effect...
Introduce one of them as Julia Child. That would have an interesting effect.
Julia Child scares me, and scares me even more now that she's dead. She could be anywhere now...
She could be haunting your kitchen while we speak, making a roux for you!
Hey, I live in Moorhead. Granted, other side of the state, but still...it's kinda close!
hehehhe well, if you're ever in the cities, give me a holler! :-P
Come visit me in Japan! =)
hehehehhe maybe I'll start saving money....how long are you going to be there? ;)
Probably until early August 2005...ack, damn, that's not too far off in the future.