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It’s Tuesday, gray and murky Tuesday. In my mind it’s not November but rather some other month entirely, some month that has yet to be discovered. It’s been wedged between October and November, hiding away between the cracks of the days like those weird albino animals that dwell in the far way backs of caves, living off of bat guano and bugs. I call this month “Ocvember.”

I am looking forward to my trip back to California but it’s making me realize that hey – I could probably afford to take a trip to England, Ireland, Greece or Japan if I saved up my money and plotted it all out. I know there are flight and hotel deals that I could possibly find. I think my goal for next year is to have gone to a foreign country. The problem is that I have no one to go WITH and while I don’t mind getting lost in a strange city, I am sure that my family members and most of my friends would advise me not to go alone.

For some strange reason, I feel compelled to go to the library and research the history of comics throughout the ages. I have no idea why this sounds like such a good idea to me, but it does. I really want to learn more about their history, the troubles they’ve been through, and also the role of women in comic book development. As I’ve said before, the people who are creating movies and art these days, people who have a lot of influence on our lives, probably are comic book junkies. The rise of anime within the past 20 years is tied in with this.

It’s times like this that I wish I was still in college and just had the time to go and research trivial things like this. I want to write an academic paper. I want to go to grad school.
Do you know taucross? He did a show in the Fringe called "10,000 Comic Books." Part of his show was a brief history of comics.
No I don't - and I think that was to be at Fiddler's Green but I missed it :(
You should read "Understanding Comics" by Scott McCloud. I read it a year ago and it's REALLY good. It's in the graphic novels section of the Walker library.

Otherwise, here it is on Amazon...
as for travelling, ill be in italy until the beginning of june- you are more than welcome to visit! we can go on the gondolas in venice or something :)
LOL that would be AWESOME...hmm...maybe I could manage that for a few days...*looks into prices*
So go to grad school. Plan it out. If you can afford to go to Japan you can go to grad school. But if you do go to Japan, take me with you?
hahhaha I could go to Japan if I started saving now and maybe found a really good deal and didn't spend any money on myself before I left :-P

I probably will go to grad school just...not yet...
Hey, you could visit Dave in China... I plan on being there for Spring this year too, so...
Hey Meg. . .if I of all people can get into grad school, you can. Just find liek 12 places you wouldnt mind being stuck in for 2-5 years (shit, you could go to U of M if u wanted to not move) . ..u can do it, it'll just take some elbow grease. You're smart, talented, and with a good GRE score you can ROCK THE WORLD, ROCK THEIR WORLD :-p

Hell. . .if I get into Minnesota I'd kindly ask u to help me find an apartment :-p

You're young, babe. . . .and if u want it badly enough, you'll do it.