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Conservative groups are protesting “Kinsey”

I think this is my favorite quote from the article: “Alfred Kinsey is responsible in part for my generation being forced to deal face-to-face with the devastating consequences of sexually transmitted diseases, pornography and abortion.”

Because, you know, ignorance is bliss.

Representatives of Concerned Women of America's Culture & Family Institute go on to break godwin’s law by comparing Kinsey to Dr. Mengele and his research on the sexual habits of Americans to that of the Mengele’s experiments on Jewish prisoners.

To put the blame of America’s sexual revolution on the shoulders of one man is ludicrous. Kinsey started his report in the 50s. Also at this time, and unconnected to him, Margaret Sanger was fighting for women’s reproductive rights by pushing for better birth control methods such as condoms, diaphragms, and the birth control pill. America was going through a serious change where ideas from Europe were being brought back to the states. The 50s, for all of their conservativeness, were a time of progression.

To say that Kinsey was responsible for the sexual revolution which could possibly have lead to the rise of aids and other sexually transmitted diseases is like saying Guttenberg and his printing press is responsible for the protestant reformation. While it may have helped it along, it would have happened anyways.

All I know is that I’m going to see this movie. Kinsey asked questions that people were too ashamed to ask. Sex is a private and personal thing, ranging from person to person, but to not be educated about it, to keep it in the dark and learn about it only from word of mouth, gossip in the hallways and stringent religious ideals is wrong and dangerous.

I suppose that it’s “safer” to be governed by fear than it is to make your decisions.
I also think that the US has to get over it's taboo for sex. IF we were more open i think that more people would be knowledgable about STD's and sex in general.
I don't know if open is the right word, but I think less prudish is. Sex is, and should remain, something private between two people unless they want to talk about it, but we should also respect that not everybody wants to hear it.

HOWEVER, we do need to get less "OMG - you had sex before marriage? YOU'RE GOING TO HELL! AND YOU'RE GOING TO GET AIDS! AND YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!" and become more "if you choose to make this discion, you need to understand the reprocussions, both good and bad, from that choice."

Over all, I think both sides need to have a more mature look at the situation.
Let's hope that the conservatives keep protesting it because that'll just make it a bigger deal and everyone will want to see the movie. Controversy always helps movies.
controversy helps everything. If you want someone to see a movie, tell them they shouldn't.

pfft... that's what made me see Cat in the Hat.. and reaffirmed my disgust for Michael Myers.
>>Kinsey started his report in the 50s.

Actually his first study "Sexual Behavior of the Human Male" was published in 1948. So his study would've started much earlier in the forties.
I'm such a nit-picking fucker.
My bad (and yes you are), I should have phrased that better. His reports didn't cause a stir until the 50s, but they were compiled in the 40s, just as Sanger worked in the 40s but wasn't really recognized until the 50s.
Did you know he interviewed the original cast of "A Streetcar Named Desire"? I want to know what he knew about Marlon Brando.

Alas Vivian Leigh was not in the original cast. I believe her part was actually played by Jessica Tandy.
I started reading that article, but I had to stop when someone from Focus on the Family mentioned "the homosexual agenda."

I think they (the detractors) are forgetting one option- they can just ignore the movie, Kinsey, and everything else that is going on today, just as they did/would have done pre-Kinsey when all of this was going on behind closed doors. They'll just have to scrunch their eyes shut a bit tighter now.
exactly, and in fair game, people should also not attempt to ram things like this down their throats (and I'm not saying "Kinsey" at all is doing that).

What gets me is when people bitch about how there's no wholesom shows on TV and it's all sex and violence. Well, stop watching the bad shows and support the shows you DO like, rating systems! They DO work!
I asked a gay friend of mine about the "homosexual agenda", and he said it was a boring read. Mostly stuff like "feed cat", "buy more detergent", "pick up eggs and milk", and "plot degradation of traditional western values". Y'know, nothing important.
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Oh I am perpetually perplexed by your icon, Miss Meg.
LOL - maybe I should just leave you guessing about it :-P
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I'm waaaay too innocent for stuff like this.
awwww don't feel bad!

The icon is based off a long running joke about how I've obtained some of my furniture...
Joke...I don't know about it being a joke. It's more like the TRUTH! ;)

My tardish roommate has decided to get her tongue pierced. The only thing I could think of was the china hutch. Haha =)
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Yes, let's just ignore the sexual revolution of the 1920's. Note to self: That didn't happen.
It didn't happen because it wasn't nearly as...hmmm...graphic? No....publicised? yeah...as the 50s were. The sexual revolution of the 20s did start things off, but not nearly on the level of the 60s.

What the 20s were missing was fundamentalist christian groups saying SEX IS BAD! Instead they were focused on booze.
They did say sex is bad, only they claimed that it was the booze that was causing all the sex. Therefore booze=sex=bad. They figured if they could get rid of the booze everything would be gravy. Instead they got the Great Depression. And it was publicised. Dear lord was it publicised.
Let's get a bunch of people together and go protest a Focus on the Family office or some like-minded den of.... *cringe* Christianity.