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Every now and then something happens to us in our lives and we just need to confess. So what better place to confess than LJ? I’m opening up my LJ to anonymous posts for you, and even myself, to confess whatever it is we want.

Do you think that George Bush is one sexy mofo? Confess it here.

Did you once try on your sister’s underwear just to see what it would feel like? Spill it.

Are there racy photos of you, midgets and assorted fruits and vegetables floating around the internet? It’s alright to tell us that.

The rules are as such:
  1. EVERYTHING MUST BE ANONYMOUS. If you want to reply to someone else’s confession, you may, BUT you must do it anonymously.
  2. WE ARE NOT JUDGING. So what if somebody really wants to get it on with their neighbor’s dog? Yeah, that may be illegal and rather gross, but who are we to pass judgment?
  3. WE ARE NOT ALWAYS SERIOUS. Just remember – you have to laugh at life even if your secret is that you beat up school kids for their lunch money in order to pay for your crack habit. We’re here to laugh with you and in turn be laughed at.

So go, GO! Confess unto the world!
when i was 15 i poured my dad's vodka into my goldfish's bowl to see if it would get drunk. instead it died and i flushed it down the toilet before my parents could ask why.
This is by far the dumbest thing you've ever posted.

theoretically, couldn't that be considered judgement?

This one time I...no wait that wasn't me.
heh, totally forgot to click the anonymous button on that one:) my confession was that i once ate a half a jar of my roommates peanut butter. When she asked what happened, i lied and said our other roommate did it!
I've had sexual dreams about my brother. It's so very wrong.
Ooh, I've had sexual dreams about your brother too! so wrong, but so right.
Sin? nope, not me.
What time zone is LJ hosting from? Apparently somewhere in the middle of the atlantic ocean....

I don't know what to confess...besides the perverse sexual fantasies I'm prone to having.
This is difficult to do without naming names. Here goes:

An ex of mine, while we were dating was cheating on me. When I found out about it, naturally I was pissed. She pretended to be my friend and was stabbing me in the back. He and I went over to her place one night to hang out. I went to the bathroom to "use the facilities" and emptied a bottle of RIT dye into her shampoo.

Her hair was a nasty blue-gray for two weeks!
That's awesome! Evil, but awesome. Have to add it to the repetoire....
what did you do to him? he cheated on you too...
He didn't know that I knew, so I let him dangle for a while. I messed with his head, which in my mind was worse than the dye. Can't prove mind games.

In hindsight, I probably should have kicked his ass to the curb immediately.
Reminds me of the time I added a bit of manic panic to the shampoo that belonged to a brother in my fraternity. He had travel sized shampoo bottles though, and was awake when taking his next shower. He thought it was "corroding."

btw, this was during a sanctioned prank week.
so i was using the bathroom at the airport once and there was a wallet right next to me, on top of the toilet-paper thingy. the 1st though that came to mind was that i should return it to its owner, but i kind of wanted to check for cash. so i did. and christ there was a lot of cash. we're talking a good $600 in TWENTIES! i was poor and jobless and young and stupid. so i took the money. but not all of it. it doesn't really make sense. here i was taking cash from some disgustingly wealthy absentminded person but i didn't want to be greedy so i only took $230. wtf? then i wondered if i should turn the wallet in so the person would get back all their valuable stuff. i would not have taken any credit cards and i didnt even look for them, but i left the wallet in the bathroom for some other "honest" or shamefully dishonest person to find. looking back i wish id turned the damn thing in but i didn't want to get in any trouble for the $230 burning a hole in my own pocket and i figured i would be nervous when i went to turn it in. so i didn't., just to save my own ass. i have had arguments with myself over the ethics of this ever since . it really bothers me.
I hit someone's car in the parking lot and drove off. If they had had an alarm I would have stayed and left a number. But there wasn't damage to my car when i got home, so I figured they must have been ok too.

IN high school I drove a big fat van to and from school. one day I was backing said van out of a friends driveway and I hit the mailbox in her neighbor's yard across the street. The mailbox fell to the ground. My friend looked at me and started laughing maniacally. I smiled, shrugged, and droev off real real quick.
I slept with a girl in a parking lot where i worked. ...
I once tried on my mom's teddy. Seriously.

And it wasn't comfortable in the least. nor was it all that exhilirating.

So that was the last time I ever tried crossdressing. Intentionally, at least
I cheated on my significant other. But you already know that.
But my significant other doesn't know.
Just a kiss, but it kills me.
Never again. Ugh.
I had sex with my boyfriend in my sister's bed.
I once stole over $200 from a guy I used to buy weed from. He and his brother were pissed and frantically trying to find the money so they could buy a bunch of pot. I kept it and used it to buy a bunch of pot gradually. They never figured it out... stupid pot-heads.
I sometimes want to cheat on my girlfriend. Not to hurt her, or for any psychological reasons, I've just been monogamous for awhile and would like to have sex with a different woman, one night stand style.