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She's through with compition.

Today is Thursday – I have to keep telling myself that. I have to because today doesn’t feel like a Thursday. Remember how I was talking about the mysterious month between October and November? This is similar, but very different. Instead of having a missing day, it feels like I’ve fallen between the cracks of Wednesday and Thursday. It’s felt like this the whole week long. I’m not actually ON the day, but somewhere in the middle, swinging from the edges like the bars on a playground. This is a lost week and I’m holding onto the corners of days.

kaela talks often of this wonderful place called “Lush”. I’ve read her posts about how wonderful the bath and body products are along with the comments from her other friends who’ve used the items and I finally got enough gumption to order some.

Holy mother of god.

The products actually came last week, but I was too busy to try them. But Sunday night I broke out “the bottle of lurve” bubble bar and ran the tub. Oh sweet zombie Jesus, it was the best bath I have EVER taken. The water was so soft, so fragrant, so wonderful. If anybody has a deep urge to get me something nice for Christmas, get me one or two of the bubble bars. Seriously – that bath was nearly orgasmic.

Yesterday I decided to try the other products. I had heard wonderful things about “big hair” so I used that. I saw the bright and shining face of God in the shower last night, and he had amazingly clean hair. My hair was so clean it squeaked. I followed it up with a little bit of “American Cream” and my hair nearly screamed out in pure ecstasy. As my hair was conditioning, I washed off my body with chai body wash. When I got out of the shower, my hair smelled of vanilla, my body of cloves, and I had found a new sense of God and the meaning of life.

I’m thinking of starting up a religion using the bathtub as an alter.

But really, honestly, if you are in SERIOUS need of pampering, go check out their site. For my vegan and eco-conscious readers out there, most of their products are vegan friendly.

My hair this morning is soft, manageable and…well…big. The only problem is that it’s getting in my eyes as I swing from day to day in my hopes of finding the weekend.
Haha! I was totally going to post almost this exact same thing today! I've been midly addicted to Lush since a year ago, when I bought some of the stuff in San Francisco. I knew all about the wonderment of a Lush bath. Then when I was in Hawaii, I bought the Big shampoo, and man, that stuff is great! I used it up way too fast, and yesterday, my order of more Big Shampoo, American Cream conditioner, and Honey I Washed the Kids soap came in. I smell so fan-freakin-tastic today.
Big Hair is just amazing. I just lathered and lathered and lathered because it just felt so GOOD on my hair. I've never had shampoo that did that before.

If they were ever to open a store in Minneapolis, I fear I might go broke...who needs mortgage payments when you could have Lush?
Ha ha, now you're in the cult. And if you're using Big and American Cream, you're going to smell like me and Steph.

The next thing you need to get is Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which smells like caramel and graham crackers and will turn you into one of those OCD hand washing people because it's so awesome.
I smell like baked goods now - boys should LOVE me :)
I fear what would happen if I tried something that promised to make my hair "big" - I might require a whole new zip code for the damn thing. Seriously. My hair almost has a life of its own now... I could create a monster.
I like the idea of your hair taking over the city. It would ravish the town to the ground. And, since the twin cities have no super heroes, your hair could not be stopped.

Go - buy the shampoo, unleash your hair upon the masses!
I might, as nummy smelling items generally tempt me (the thought of cinnamon and cloves is especially evil).

However, if my hair turns into a cheesy Gozilla-screaming monster that eats the city - I'm going to blame you. Right now my hair is whispering to me that it wants new hair products... *feed me, FEEEEEED ME!*
For your hair you might like Cynthia Sylvia Stout and The Strokes. Both are supposed to weigh curly hair down and separate the curls. Cynthia Sylvia Stout is a shampoo (contains beer!) and The Strokes (also contains beer!) is a deep conditioning thing you put on once a week or so before you shampoo, when your hair is still dry.
the thought of cinnamon and cloves is especially evil

It;s kinda funny - the chia body wash, when it's in the bottle, looks and smells just like robitussin. I was a little scared at first. But once you lather it up on your bath poof, OMG. I would have drank myself if I could.

Wee! It's fun to talk about Girly stuff!
It would be very amusing if you started doing lists again and instead of using classifications, you'd use LJ Usernames.

I don't know why I thought of that or if you've done that before. But that would definitely call attention to whatever is to be read.
*chuckles* I don't know how others would feel if I used them as headers for my lists. Although, it may increase their readership base (because, you know, my friends list is THE list to be on :-P).

Usernames do grab people's attention: I mean, you probably read a very girl post simply because kaela's name was highlighted :-P
point and case, dear. Why do you think I suggested? hehe

Oh yeah.. and Open Mic's tonight. come if you'd like ;)
I just placed an order for Big Hair, Herbalism, and the Teo Deodorant. I'm totally stoked! =)
oooo - you'll have to tell me about the products when you get them!

I'm debating about buying another bubble bar...they are SO amazing!
If you do, get the Creamy Candy bubble bar. That is one of my favorite things on the entire planet, right up there with cats and boyfriend.

Reminder to self: It has been too long. Place Lush order.
Go! Place that order!

You deserve pampering!