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pimp out motha fucka let me take you for a ride

I’ve decided to fly to Greebs tomorrow for the dance instead of driving. It’s only $70 more and I’ll be saving a TON of time.

I’m looking forward to the dance. Gerry’s my date and I’m going to pre-party it up with him then go downstairs to the ‘Naw for dinner with Abby and her dates. We’re going to be the hella drunk people who sing laudies on the way TO the dance.

I love the fact that my name is pretty much untouchable for luadies. And yes – that is a challenge. If you’re going to the dance and you can come up with a rhyme to my name that’s NOT “keg,” “leg,” or “beg,” I will be MUCH impressed and probably throw up on your shoes.

Last night, this moment of calm came over me and I realized I have no apprehentions towards this dance because simply I don’t care about SNC drama anymore. No, seriously, I find it so damn funny now. It’s like wow, I used to put so much stock into these matters, but really all it is are kids pretending to be grownups and I used to do that too. It’s hilarious though, because so many of them are making it tougher than it has to be, or pretending that somehow they’re living better than their other classmates because “they are living in the real world.” News flash people: If you live on campus you are NOT living in the real world, no matter how hard you try to prove that you are. If you’re not paying monthly bills for rent, utilities, food or car payments, that’s not the real world. I’m not saying it’s all shits and giggles in the SNC college life bubble, just don’t expect ANYTHING to be the same once you get out.

There’s only one active EC member who is ACTUALLY living in the real world, and how she manages both college and real life I’ll never understand. Honestly, she’s the strongest person I know and it sucks that people aren’t supporting her more. I wish I could do more for her, and I don’t have nearly as much on my plate as she does.

Now I’m also not saying that the real world is better than the college world. All I am saying is don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re a grownup people. Act like a kid ‘cause you’ve only got a limited time to do that. Once you’re out of college, making friends is harder and there’s a lot less parties to go to. Live it up while you can and don’t try to fool yourself that you are anything but a college student (this does not apply to the person I mentioned above. I would give anything for you to have it easier. Come and visit me this Winter and I’ll let you just chill out at my place).

Anyhoot, I feel better for ranting. Got it out of my system so now I can go to the dance on Saturday and just have a good time. I put in my four years of service to The Electric Company, and I am TOTALLY enjoying the benefits of it all.
Speaking on topics, bout girls named margaret
Seaking nontropics and the you knows the midwest is far from it.
Thug life teaches bout the rap game cars an' shit
now you've tapped off the keg standin on one wobbly leg and you'll beg
for more liquor with vorpal rat snickers, but 3 am no one's servin, all of em, closed bars, forget!


WORD LIFE \mgpm/
*throws up on your shoes*
you know you liked it!
have fun!
Hear Hear!

your icon reminds me of this
Drawing I did a while back
I would really like to visit you sometime...that would be nice to just leave the "real world" behind for at least a weekend. However, winter break I most likely will be working and what not. I appreciate the offer though. Maybe sometime during the summer I can take a train or bus up to minnesota and just have quality Meg and me time.