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I’ve tried to descriptively talk about it about three times now, but it’s bored even me.

It was good. I was drunk. People kissed me, I kissed them. I spent time with friends. I made new friends. Drama went on and I didn’t get involved. Freshmen and transfers are silly. The family that drinks together stays together. I love Squeak.

I didn’t feel pulled in all directions this weekend. I wish I could have seen Amy Lou more (you’ll just have to come and visit when you have time. Spring break?) and it was awesome to see my West Coast REPRESENT!

It was a good time. It was drama free and I loved it all.

I believe in taking personal responsibility, but I also believe in not making other people’s responsibility my own.
kissing action is goood times
I got in on some of that over the weekend myself
awesome! *high fives* Kissing action is always fun action.

Oh! And somebody did come up with a rhyme to my name that didn't involve leg, keg, or beg.
dreg? peg, egg, greg....