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1. I have no tendons in my right toes. They were removed during surgery.
2. I have had two surgeries on my right leg since I was 18 months old. My right foot is a size and a half smaller than the left.
3. My first boyfriend was Cory Cunningham – he lived a block away from me and we “dated” from kindergarten to 2nd grade. That’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had.
4. I’ve wanted to be a biologist since I was 5 years old.
5. I feel that I am a good actress, but I don’t know where to audition for community theater here in the cities.
6. I don’t know anybody on my father’s side of the family. I have this little fear in my head that I’m going to date someone who I’m actually related to and it’ll be a greek tragedy.
7. There are two creatures I cannot stand. Ants and Spiders.
8. Which is funny because I use to want a pet tarantula when I was little.
9. I have issues with fan fic but I love to read REALLY BAD fan fic.
10. I think I’m a borderline libertarian.
11. Kim Stanley Robinson is a friend of my family and a really nice guy.
12. I once scared John Updike. Not my best moment, that’s for sure.
13. Despite being an English Major, I have never read any Jane Austin, never got through Jane Eyre, didn’t read The Scarlet Letter or Death of a Salesman, and can’t remember anything I learned in Brit Lit except that the Victorians were OBSESSED with sex.
14. But I have read Moby Dick, and I think it’s really over rated. But I read it. Well, most of it.
15. I love to dissect things. Lab was my favorite part of biology.
16. I’m actually quiet honest about everything and can’t remember the last lie I told.
17. I feel that most people don’t believe me when I say I’m honest.
18. During my time at SNC – I never started ONE rumor. All rumors were blamed on me and there was nothing I could do about it but just listen to people yell at me.
19. Same thing happened in High School. Lisa Bowers used me as her rumor scapegoat.
20. I believe in astrology and I believe in tarot cards but probably not the way you think that I do.
21. I still consider myself to be catholic, and a pretty good one at that.
22. My favorite authors are Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Nathanial Hawthorne, John Steinbeck, Connie Willis, and Orson Scott Card.
23. I’m related to Daniel O’Connell.
24. I’m also related to Daniel Boone’s second wife. I had a friend at SNC who was related to Daniel Boone’s brother. We call each other cousins.
25. In high school I had 2 online boyfriends. I only remember the name of one of them.
26. I was a bully in Jr. High and if I could, I would apologize to the people I was mean to.
27. I saw a therapist once a week every week from 7th grade to 12th grade and off and on through college.
28. I have never been medicated.
29. I firmly believe that the movie “Lilo and Stitch” saved my family.
30. My favorite book of all time is East of Eden. To me, it shows why I had to leave California.
31. I only have 2 friends who are still living in my home town that I am in contact with.
32. My dream since I was about 5 years old is to buy a house in Monterey and volunteer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
33. I’ve known iideliishii for 11 years.
34. My biggest fear is getting stuck a situation I can’t get out of. This is why I have real issues watching movies where people are trapped in a sinking boat. I can’t watch the end of Simon Birch or The Perfect Storm for that reason.
35. When I was little, my brothers told me that if I didn’t want to remember scary dreams, I had to sleep right through them. They probably told me this to fuck with my mind, but ever since then I’ve tried not to wake myself up during nightmares. To this day I will actually tell myself to keep dreaming.
36. My parents’ first child, Louisa, died when she was a baby. I’ve been to her grave once that I remember and I am always haunted by the idea that my parents would trade in my life for hers if it were an option.
37. I enjoy smoking pot.
38. My first kiss was when I was in 4th grade. I was sleeping over at my friend Shannon’s house and her older brother and his friend were over. We played truth or dare and the friend had to kiss me. He was in the 5th grade. I think his name was Chris Stark or Star or something like that.
39. I don’t like Anne Rice or Steven King.
40. I started playing the clarinet in elementary school, switch to the bass clarinet in jr. high, then to the contra in high school. I actually think I was really good and it upset me how little emphasis my parents paid to band. I liked it a hell of a lot more than choir.
41. Sometimes I have this feeling that I’m going to die young.
42. I fall in love way to easily and it sucks hardcore.
43. There are days when I wish that the person I am now could go back to the person I was then and smack me upside the head.
44. I have never, EVER in my life been skinny. Never.
45. I was suicidal for a while in 10th grade. I tried to slit my wrists but I couldn’t because my sense of self preservation is too strong. The worst feeling in the world is feeling like such a failure for not being able to kill yourself. I mean, really, thinking like that is FUCKED UP, but it’s how it goes.
46. I think that all girls should masturbate or at least know how.
47. When people tell me they’re really into S&M, I highly doubt it unless they tell me that they have toys that are more than just a whip and a pair of handcuffs.
48. I get annoyed when guys think I want to get in their pants when really all I want is to be friends. It makes everybody feel awkward.
49. My immune system kicks ASS.
50. In many of my dreams I am not myself. I dream that I’m other people but I’m THEM. It’s really odd and I rarely dream of people I know.
51. I don’t like beer and because of that I’ve tasted A LOT of beer.
52. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get married.
53. When people tell me that they don’t want to face their own problems because then they can’t help other people with theirs, I want to push them in the direction of the nearest therapist.
54. I was seriously depressed through out jr. high and high school.
55. I have never been to camp and I hold a deep resentment towards my brothers who did.
56. I’m messed up. I want to be the center of attention, but at the same time I don’t feel like I deserve it, which makes me want attention more.
57. I pick at my scabs.
58. I know I’m not all that original and it drives me batshit crazy.
59. I remember almost every stupid thing I’ve ever done: lied to parents, broke something, was really mean to a kid, you name it. Sometimes they are replayed in my head and I feel like crap all over again. And these are things that happened YEARS ago.
60. I have an amazing sense of guilt and it’s actually NOT related to being a catholic.
61. My jealousy knows no bounds.
62. Hell hath no fury as Meg pissed off.
63. The only people to see me really angry are my brothers and my friend Sarah. I normally don’t get really angry because I do really mean and underhanded things when I get angry. Try not to push me too far.
64. I know I’m bossy but I try to pretend that I’m not.
65. In all honesty, I am very proud of how far I’ve come as a person.
66. I don’t fish for compliments.
67. I give everybody a fair chance when I first meet them, and I keep giving people chances until I am satisfied knowing that they’re either nice or assholes.
68. It’s taken me a long time to accept that some people just don’t like me, and that’s okay.
69. I’ve broken both my wrists at separate occasions doing really brilliant things like falling off band lockers in jr. high and leaning back in a chair too far.
70. I like to have arguments in my head while I’m taking a shower.
71. I’ve received a fan email once. It was for my short story “The Little Minnow.” A fellow student wrote to tell me that it had a profound impact on them.
72. Even though I use them, I really despise labels.
73. I am a huge advocate for therapy but I think some people get into it for the wrong reasons.
74. I really like playing Tekken – I have developed button mashing into an art form.
75. I miss LARPing
76. Sometimes I think that if I were in the right (or wrong) situation, that I could beat someone to death. I really don’t want to test this theory.
77. I seriously regret having sex with a friend.
78. I suck at writing letters and I suck more at keeping in contact with people.
79. I’m also really bad at telling people just how important they are to me.
80. However, I do think I’m really good at making people laugh.
81. I talk to myself often.
82. I am not afraid of death.
83. Sometimes I think that if I were to die tomorrow in my sleep, how long would it take before I would be found?
84. I am afraid of dying too soon.
85. I really like my hair and my eyes and I think my collar bones are sexy.
86. I believe in being civil in public, even when I just want to smack a person. When other people can’t behave like this, it drives me CRAZY.
87. I will fully admit that I am a hypocrite.
88. My favorite year in college was my sophomore year: Big had the Townhouses, Don Juan was our ugly, I smoked up for the first time, I met Disco, there was free jazz over at A’s Dockside Café, I had a car, I started submitting things to Graphos, it was my first year as an English Major. I met some really awesome people my sophomore year and I’m still in touch with most of them.
89. I am a GODDESS when it comes to guilt trips and I will use them if provoked.
90. I really am worth knowing. Really.
91. I’ve met Bruce Campbell and Neil Gaiman. All I need now is to meet Steve Martin.
92. There are only about 4 people who know who I lost my virginity to and I don’t really plan on telling any more people.
93. My perkiness will get me killed one of these days.
94. I think I would rather go on one huge road trip across the USA then go to Europe.
95. I still have faith in America.
96. I’m really not all that nerdy, but I enjoy hanging out with nerds because they teach me really awesome stuff.
97. Fire is my friend.
98. My breasts’ names are Judy and Twinkle.
99. My favorite computer games growing up were Zork, Dark Castle, Brickles, The Mummy of Ra, Oregon Trail, and Loom.
100. Green veggies must be served at every meal or a napkin fight will start.
I loved Brickles!!
18. During my time at SNC – I never started ONE rumor. All rumors were blamed on me and there was nothing I could do about it but just listen to people yell at me.

Oh come now, you didn't start them, but you had no problem passing them along! lol. Like most of us in EC
70. I like to have arguments in my head while I’m taking a shower.

I do this too - but sometimes they are out loud!