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A Few things:
This game is driving me up the frikken wall. Maybe it’s because I’m at work and I don’t have all the time I want to dedicate to this, but holy god. It’s at the back of my mind constantly. I just want everybody to cross the goddamn mother (*&#%&(@# river!!

For those on my friends list who are not familiar with scottbateman’s political cartoons, I highly suggest you go over and give him a looksee. For my conservative readers: He is a liberal, but I think you will be pleased to note that he sites all his references.

There’s a revolution about to happen in the Ukraine and it’s being blogged. As the writer points out, this could be America’s chance to go in there and be a real Hero. Too bad we’re having too much fun with the war to care (Thanks, Tom, for the link).

Old and busted: Kokigami (nsfw)
New hawtness: Neck ties for the male member (sfw)
Some hints for The River

The Prisoner can be left ENTIRELY on his own
Policemen can help children cross more than just busy streets
I can tell you exactly where I get stuck:
I take the prisoner and policeman across the river, bring the policeman back
I take the policeman and a son over, bring the policeman and prisoner back
I take the dad and one son over, bring the dad back.
Now I don't know where to go. I have two sons over on the bank. I can't take the mom over because she can't be on the shore with the sons, even if dropping off a daughter. I can't leave the father over there and bring the daughters 'cause he can't be left with them. I can't leave the prisoner unatended so I can't use the police man.
I'm stuck on it - and perhaps I'm just thinking too much about it all.

It's still driving me crazy though!
Dude, i'm totally stuck at the same point! And it's annoying, because even though this game doesn't matter, i can't walk away without winning it! heh.
just kinda stop thinking and it'll happen...I finally got it but I don't know if I could do it agian. All of a sudden I just knew how to solve the damn thing.
(Deleted comment)
you suck and I hate you :-P
took a little bit, but I solved it as well. anybody have a translation for the Japanese?
Finally! I managed to figure it out, but don't ask me how. I don't think I would be able to tell you.
I totally got it...I shouold be able to tell you how to do it if you ask nicely
already solved, but thanks :)