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My house smells like turkey
My parents, brother Tom, and grandma are all here
We have 4 macs up and running in my living room
My iPod is currently playing Dave Brubeck on my new SoundDeck
I am now off to play cards with my family



phear my mad marquee tags!
YAY!!! I love TURKEY!!! T-minus 3 hours til bird!
hehehhe turkey will be ready in less than an hours! :-D
Dave Brubeck is THE MAN. I love Brubeck. If you never have, look for the single Moody. It's off of Young Lions Old Tigers, or something like this. It's done originally as a intstrumental/scat piece. If you can find it done by a band, you probably won't have the scatting(done by James Moody himself, but I don't really like scat as much), and it will still be really good. Our high school jazz band played that for Solo and Ensemble my Junior year, and I played lead tenor, with solo. It's a GREAT song, as are many others of Bruebeck
I love Brubeck's creative use of time signatures. The whole "Time Out" album is fantastic, my favorite being "Blue Rondo A la Turk" mainly because it's written in 9/8 (I have a thing for creative time signatures. One of my favorite pieces we played in band my senior year was "Slava!" by Lenord Bernstein. I think it was written mainly in 7/8 but that changed often. I'll look for moody if you look for Slava ;) )
I'll look for slava. :) If you want screwed up time signatures...a great modern example is "Schism" by tool. If you look at the music for that, it's really screwed up. It sounds pretty normal throughout, but there are some definite intricate time changes in there. It's great.
Happy t-day! Say happy thanksgiving to gma, tom, and your folks for me!