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Monday night my parents flew in and we had dinner.

Tuesday while I was at work they let in the plumber, got my sink fixed, then ran some errands to get ready for thanksgiving (buying a roaster, a coffee pot, many power strips and extention cords, an airport, and my early christmas present of a SoundDock which I LOVE). They then made dinner and we ate as a family in my dining room. I set the table but they had me sit at the head. Which was odd...that's DAD'S place, and DAD starts grace. I don't care if it's my house...there are rules...

Wednesday they drove up to Duluth to pick up Grandma and the four of us had dinner at the Green Mill.

Thursday we started making dinner, went and picked up Tom, finished dinner, ate, played Parcheesi (I would have won if I could have just rolled a goddamn five!) and went to bed.

Friday we all went to breakfast together, Grandma went to visit Aunt Bernice and the rest of us went to see Finding Neverland (and I don't care what I know about J.M. Berry. I will gladly forget all I know about him because I DO believe in Johnny Depp!! I DO BELIEVE IN JOHNNY DEPP!! *clap clap clap*).

Today Mom, Dad, Tom and Grandma had breakfast while I slept in. They came over and Dad took pictures of Me, Mom and Grandma (I really don't like how I like in photographs. Many people can play a camera and look good. I can't. Maybe it's because I don't like how I look and therefor I don't like my pictures. Or maybe I'm really not photogenic. I dunno). Mom left with Grandma to drive up to Duluth and Dad, TOm and I had lunch at Famous Daves then went book shopping. I have 4 books to read now: Fruits Basket #1, Going Postal, Theif of Time, and Lost in a Good Book. I don't know where to start!

It was a lot of fun to have thanksgiving here at my place and share my city with my family. I am a bit tired now, and a little stressed. As many of you know, I am VERY independant when it comes to my family (hence why I've moved to Minneapolis) and while it was amazing to see them, wonderful in fact, I am tired.

I don't know why I do this, perhaps force of habit, but when I'm with my family all of the strength I've developed over the years disappears and I become, once again, the little sister. It took a lot not to resort back to ACTING like a little sister: hostile towards every command and thinking that it's all unfair.

But I did have a really great time with my Dad. It was different than chatting with him and my Dad. When the three of us talk, I normally get pushed to the side and my arugements normally countered right off the bat without enough time for me to make a genuine counter argument (perhaps it genetic, this thinking that I have the only right opinion).

Overall, it was a great week and I enjoyed seeing my family and getting to house the first thanksgiving here in Minneapolis. It was good, it was fun, and I really enjoyed sharing my city (I love sharing this city with people and if any of you want to see it too, come and visit me!). I'm ready to get back to normal though.
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