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12 Drummers Drumming
My autumn is officially over. Even though winter technically doesn’t begin until the 21st, the start of the advent season is the start of winter for me. This fall went by with lightning speed and it has been, by far, one of the best autumns of my life. I am looking forward to winter and the calm that it will bring. I have been running on full speed for the past three months!

11 Pipers Piping
I love December and all it brings. I’ve downloaded new Christmas music and already have the play list set up on my iPod. I am debating about when I want to get my Christmas tree. Tradition dictates that I get it the weekend of the 18th and set it up on the solstice, but I’m not sure this year. I do know that I want to decorate with some lights in my windows.

10 Lords a Leaping
I’m still thinking of having a holiday party, but I need to get in touch with Alli and Sarah to see when/where/if we’re having the Cloister Christmas again. Last year it was a lot of fun except for the fact that Sasha nearly killed Sarah. Yeah, not too good there.

9 Ladies Dancing
I forgot how sucky wine hangovers are.

8 Maids a Milking
I also forgot how fun it is to argue with someone while drunk. I re-read the conversation and I still think I’m right! Just remember, arguing with a drunk is like coming in 1st place at the special Olympics. Sure you won, but you’re still retarded.

7 Swans a Swimming
I’m saying it again – this winter is going to be really nice and laid back. I am looking forward to turning my home into a comfy holiday place, I am looking forward to Christmas shopping, I am looking forward to really bad holiday specials (so far last night’s musical version of the Christmas Carol takes the cake. I think Kelsey Grammar was starring at the green fairy’s ghost of Christmas past’s chest most of the time), and I am looking forward to relaxing. It should be a good time.

6 Geese a Laying
I have NO idea what to get ANYBODY for Christmas this year. Ya’ll might be getting gift certificates. I know it’s not impressive, but at least that way you’ll get something really keen.

5 Golden Rings
Bah dum dum dum.
No, really though – when is “Return of the King” coming out on DVD?

4 Calling Birds
What is your favorite Holiday tradition?
I think mine is decorating the Christmas tree.

3 French Hens
What is your favorite Christmas song?
I have a few: Good King Wenceslas, The Holly and The Ivy, and People Look East

2 Turtle Doves
What is your favorite holiday memory?
Mine is the winter that it snowed 2 days after Christmas – the very same Christmas that my brother Erik asked Santa for snow.

And A Partridge in a Pear Tree
I wish all of you good health (especially to VVer and Dweezle!), good times, and a warm house this holiday season!
I think my favorite tradition is picking out a tree. It's always so bitter cold, so we have hot chocolate when we come home. It's totally a Mom and Kelly thing.

Favorite Christmas song: "Do you hear what I hear?" by The Blenders and "The holly and the ivy."

Favorite memory: I was three. I got a little desk from Santa, and my grandfather put it together for me, right there in the middle of the living room. It's the only memory I have of him.
Before my mom realized that she was allergic to christmas trees, we used to go up to the mountiains and cut down our own. We'd pile into our van with our dog and drive up to Little Bear's Tree Farm. They had a truck that would take you to places along the hill. We'd start walking until we found just the perfect tree. Our dog, being the good city dog that she was, never really understood what to do with the snow. We'd have some snowball fights, find our tree, then wait for a truck to bring us back down.

Christmas didn't REALLY start until we had our christmas tree :)
Lets traditions
I really love after we get all of our decorations up back home, it's a lot of work (we have a fuckton XD. Now that Mom and Dad have a house I fully expect them to gradually ramp up exterior decorations to Griswoldian levels). Snuggling with family around the christmas tree and just enjoying the ornaments and stuff at night. Baking and all that prep stuff going into christmas meals. Driving around looking at lights throughout town is also mega win. I love seeing decorations up around town and in stores and stuff.

Christmas songs
Little drummer boy is up there, carol of the bells, most mannheim steamroller tunes.
I LOVE Christmas decorations. My mom collects nativity scenes, so we have a billion of them. We set them out along the credenza. Each has its own story and history behind it. We also have a Jesse Tree with ornaments my mom made herself. I'm feeling crafty this month so I might make one myself.

My favorite decorations, though, came from my dad's family. It's this porceline set of Santa and his reindeer with a bag of toys. It was always my job to set them up on the top of our piano.
Once when I was five and I knocked over the menorah and spilled the oil everywhere and I did not want to get in trouble so I filled it with apple juice hoping no one would notice.
LOL - that's GREAT! What happened when they tried to light it?
they kind of figured out right away that it was apple juice because they could smell it.
What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

Going to the movies on December 25th with my family and bitching with them and other Jews about how much Christmas Day bites because nothing's open and it's BORING. Seriously, it's fun. =)
Don't you hate it that the only resturants that are opne on Dec 25th are Chinese returants
Yeah, it sucks! Even Noah's Bagels, which is SO Jewish, is closed on December 25th.
there is no love for the jews
but...but... I LOVE THE JEWS!!!!