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It’s been horribly boring here at work today. Because of that, I am posting.

Sharon’s out sick today and the office is very quiet. I played M*A*S*H using Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I’m going to marry Frodo, wear an ivory wedding dress, have our honeymoon on Endor, live in an apartment in Gondor, drive a BMW, have 2 kids and I’ll end up widowed.

I wonder if this is how ff writers get their ideas.

Currently I’ve been making little origami animals and having them reenact scenes from some of my favorite movies. Well…the way the scenes SHOULD have gone.

The Labyrinth
Sarah (played by a crane): You have no power over me!
Jareth (played by a frog wearing a samurai hat): The fuck I don’t! Say hello to my little friend! *brandishes a huge pair of scissors and cuts off one of Sarah’s wings*
Sarah: What the hell?!?! You can’t do that!
Jareth: No, I think I can *cuts up the rest of Sarah*
Ludo (played by a box): Rocks….friends!
Jareth: JARETH SMASH! *Ludo is crushed*

Me thinks I need to create more Origami Theater. Next on the chopping block? The Secret of NIMH.
Because it's the same as how soon you and I will be watching the T'Wolves-Kings tilt at the Target Center immediately followed by me taunting "KG MVP, KG MVP, KG MVP".


There is nothing I like better than to go see my Kings make complete asses out of themselves.

My dad made an interesting point about Webber this week. He said that Webber just can't make it. It's like the line from The Natural "You got talent kid, but it's just not enough"
Lyric of the moment
"If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got ninety nine problems but a bitch ain't one."
your icon is TOTALLY spankable.
Heheheh, thanks ^_~*
*taps that ass*
(Deleted comment)
awww! So the way to your heart is through origami battles?

I need to remember this for future reference... ;)
(Deleted comment)
I can work with that too
Your brain is scaring me now.

yes, ph34r my mad brain....PH333333333334R!!!!
You are so devious. Me likey.
my origami theater will win me an oscar one day.

Mark my words!