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  • Going Postal is absolutely fantastic. I had to force myself to stop reading it last night at around 2 because I knew that if I kept going I would either finish the book or stay up all night. Possibly both. It has familiar hints to the book The Postman but also the movie Dear God. I love the concept of clack towers, but I have a hard time visualizing them. This is fast becoming one of my favorite Discworld books. I really hope that Pratchett can keep this up. I was disappointed with Monstrous Regiment but I have been VERY happy with GP so far.
  • MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIANNE!!!! Coffee tonight? Either leave me a message here or give me a call at around 5:30 tonight! I am soooo free!
  • Most people on LJ are really good about this, and I know that I am sometimes lax in doing this, but if you have a post that is over a page and a half long, please try to use an lj cut. For those of you who are new to lj, or have little to no html skills, an lj cut is simple: < lj-cut > blah blah blah your very long post here < / lj-cut >. If you do it this way, it will be cut on your main page and on friends list with something that says “read more…” If you want to have it say something you can do this: < lj-cut text=”Cut for your protection” > blah blah blah < lj-cut >. The quotes are very important. I am trying to use this more because I know how annoying it can be to have a lot cluttering up your friends page. But really – should you choose to post something like your manifesto or a rambling IM conversation, be considerate to your friends and put it behind a cut.
  • FUN FACT ABOUT LJ CUTS: It’s human nature – people are probably more likely to click on a link and read what’s behind it than they are if they have to scroll through it. We’re all voyeurs, really, and want to see what you’re hiding.
  • I got paid yesterday to decorate the office and make a chain out of colored paper clips for the itty bitty Christmas tree on my desk.
  • I wish I had a job that was actually important, but this one is doing rather well for the time being, so I really can’t complain. Hell, it’s been four months so far! This time at Gopher State I had already lost my soul!
What is the first book in the Discworld series? I'm starting to put together my Christmas list and that's one book that should be on there.

In similar news, I bought Neverwhere the other day. I haven't had the chance to crack into it yet (currently reading Wicked), but I'm looking forward to it. =)
The first book is "The Color of Magic" but the discworld series is one that you don't HAVE to read in order. Personally, I started with Reaper Man while I think my dad started with Gaurds! Gaurds!

Neverwhere is fantastic! So is Neil's group of short stories "Smoke and Mirrors"

How are you enjoying Wicked?
I like it a lot. I'm flying through it (no pun intended)! It's very different from the musical, but that's not too surprising.

It's just as political as Wizard of Oz. It cracks me up. =)
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Yeah, the witches and the gaurds help if you've read them in order (I read Maskerade before Witches Abroad and was wondering what the heck was going on with Greebo), but the death series you can sorta jump into, same with the wizards.

It does help to read them in order, but I think you don't really have to (and I really don't like the wizards all that much - I have them because I HAVE to have them, but they really aren't my favorite)
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That's pretty much exactly how I would place them, but with Death and the Witches being tied for second ( I REALLY like Perdita Agnes).

I think that Pratchett likes the Watch the best too - he REALLY gets into it. But actually, change that. Now with Going Postal, what I think Pratchett loves the most is The City itself. He just loves how AM works.
Have you read Confessions of an Ugly Step-sister or Mirror, Mirror by MacGuire yet? I own both and haven't had the chance to read them yet.

I shouldn't be allowed to go into Barnes and Noble by myself anymore!
I've read Confessions, and I own Mirror Mirror (I've read about half of it and need to pick it up again!)

I can't go into book stores alone at all. I can seriously drop so much cash in one go it's painful to watch.
I was pissed the other day because I had just bought some stuff at Barnes & Noble and then the next day I got a BN coupon in the mail!

I, too, should not be allowed alone in a bookstore. We should form a bookstores anonymous support group or something
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It's REALLY good and I'm DYING to talk about it with someone so go! Go back and get it!
(Deleted comment)
Monsteros Regement? I thought that the idea was good, and I LOVE how Pratchett writes strong women roles, but I thought it was predictable and by the end of it, I thought he just kinda was all...."eh...I need to end this...now"

Despite the good characters, I felt that plot wise it was one of his weakest.
Can I borrow Going Postal whilst I'm back there?
Yes you may!! It's soooooooooo good :)