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I don’t know if you guys read Dear Abby, but I do.

It started in jr. high when my brothers and I would scrabble over who gets the funnies. There were two pages of them and we would fight to get half. While my brother took his ever loving time reading his half of the funnies, I would read Dear Abby and Ann Landers (personally, I always liked Ann more).

These days I eat my lunch here at work and spend my hour doing the crosswords, a habit I picked up at Gopher State (Matt – I totally miss sharing the daily puzzles with you!). Usually Dear Abby is on the same page, so I take a glance at her.

Damn, this new bitch SUCKS.

A few years ago, the lady who started Dear Abby retired and her daughter took over for her. She is a snippy, rude, and dumb as a post. This week holds 2 prime examples of this: On Monday a mother wrote in because her 16 year old was date raped at a frat party. Abby told the mother to go about it, but what concerns me is that she made no mention of the fact that A 16 YEAR OLD GIRL WAS ALLOWED TO GO TO A FRAT PARTY. I’ve seen her harp on parents before for things like this, why not now? Why no mention?

Then there’s today’s column. It’s normal for readers to disagree with the advice given by Abby. I remember the Abby of old being gracious. The new Abby seems that this is the perfect time to make snide comments.

I’m not saying I could give better advice than Abby (for that I turn to kaela_advice) but really….this lady just seems like she’s losing it…
(Deleted comment)
Yeah - the fark forums were all over this.

IT's hard to say what REALLY happened, but what COULD have happend was girl got drunk, girl started doing crazy shit, girl had sex with boy, girl regretted it, girl cried rape.

The date rape senario has gotten really bad over the years. If a girl gets drunk and starts having sex with a guy (who could also be drunk) but the regrets it, she could claim rape. If at any point the girl says "no," and the guy continues, even if he doesn't hear, even if he doesn't understand, no matter, it's rape.

IT's a VERY fine line.
(Deleted comment)
I agree - I mean, there has to be some level of personal responsibility involved in the situation. And really, what in god's name was a 16 year old DOING at a frat party?

Oh, I'm sorry...I keep forgetting! Frat parties are just like tupperwear parties. Nobody gets drunk at THOSE!
Fun fact about Dear Abby: the former Abby (Esther Phillips) and the current Abby (Jeanne Phillips) are part of the Phillips family that makes/owns Phillips vodka. They are Twin Cities natives and very philanthropic and good to the community, but I can't get past the vodka thing. Because Phillips? Terrible, terrible (tastes like nail polish remover) vodka.
I just remember watching a lifetime movie about the whole thing and that Dear Abby and Ann Landers were twin sisters.

I'm glad they're good to the community (yay!) but selling vodka that tastes like it could remove a couple coats of paint? hmm, not so much.
I believe the current Abby is the previous Abby's daughter.

And "Dear Prudence," which is published every Thursday in Slate, is written by (I believe) Ann Landers' daughter. And yes Meg, Abby and Ann were indeed twin sisters.

Umm... yeah? What the fuck was the mother letting her daughter going to a frat party at 16? Not only that, she's playing the "rape" card and just trying to probably find some kind of a lawsuit out of it now so its "perfectly normal" for her daughter to have been there, she was just "taken advantage of."

I agree, her mother had a TON more tact. And much better advice. And she was a lot more objective and wasn't afraid of asking questions to someone (like the mother) that either, allowed (or later found out) that someone like their daughter was at a frat party.
exactly - the new Abby seems like a total bint.
Mrs. Alyssa Milano-Zito
Mrs. Alyssa Milano-Zito
Mrs. Alyssa Milano-Zito
Mrs. Alyssa Milano-Zito


Side note: Doesn't Alyssa STILL look good? Seriously, that's almost twenty years.
Damn - I think Zito looks f-ing HAWTT!