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I want to ask for a game system for christmas, along with some games.

But Meg, you don't PLAY games! And that's true - but only because I don't know where to START!

I enjoy playing Tekken, I enjoy solving puzzles, I enjoy blowing stuff up, I enjoy a lot of things (I don't enjoy Halo though, I don't have the eye-thumb coordination needed).

So what would you recommend me starting with? What would you recommend a girl like me play? Most of you know me fairly well, and generally know what I like.

Meg, you could have done this years ago, why now? Because there is NOTHING on TV any more and I need a break from my reading/endless net surfing.

Couldn't you just, you know, GO OUTSIDE? WHAT!??!?! IT'S WINTER AND COLD OUT THERE!

So please, what would you recommend?
My advice: Visit http://games.insidepulse.com and have a look at some of the reviews there. See what takes your fancy, and figure out which system has the most games you like.

For my money, your best bet would be to get a Nintendo DS. It's a new system, so it's not going to be obsoluete any time soon. It's portable, so you can game anywhere. Best of all, it's backwards-compatible with all GBA games, instantly giving you a library of AAA titles to choose from.

Games-wise, everybody loves Pokemon ;) But with soooooo many games out there, your choice is endless.

If you want a Home Console, though, your best choice is probably between the PS2 and the Gamecube. Each have their pros and cons, but my instinct says go for the Cube. It might not have the uber-vast library of games for it, but there's LOADS of top-notch titles.

If you're just starting out in gaming, you probably don't want something stupidly-overcomplicated (no Shin Megami Tensei 3 for you). Assuming you go with a Cube, Zelda: Wind Waker is a good choice, as is pretty much anything with "Mario" in the title. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Donkey Konga. Super Smash Bothers Melee is frantic beat-em-up fun.

But as I said, your best bet is to check IPGames, and see what grabs you. :)
I'd second the Game Cube...

I'm not much of a gamer, but most of the games I like are on the Game Cube. I don't really like FPS, but became addicted to Time Splitters 2, because my housemates played it so much Junior year. I love Smash Brothers, but another superb fighting game to play with newbies and pros is Soul Caliber 2.

I have a GBA (Game Boy Advance) and two games for it, Metroid Fusion and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I got bored with Metroid, but The real reason I got it was Final Fantasy, and if you like RPGs GBA has the newest Final Fantasy stuff. You can also just pick up a used Playstation and the older Final Fantasies (7, 8, 9 and tactics) and play them relatively cheaply.

If you realize you like RPGs, the Playstation 2 might be a good option, but otherwise, Nintendo is still your best bet.
agrees! Nintendo brand is the way to go. I have a version of all the gameboys, I know nothing of the new version though. Pokemon is a good stradegy game but can get old fast.

I like gamecube. I think pikmin and pikmin2 are probably your best bet. Stradegy with cute characters, problem solving and a bit of eye thumb coordination. Else, Lemur and I like gauntlet too. it's hard to do by yourself, but its a fun fighting game.
Having played with each system, here are my thoughts:

Variety of Games: PS2
Quality of Graphics: Xbox
Cost: Toss up.
Controller: Xbox

I really didn't like my interaction with the GameCube, the PS2 was neat, but not as pretty as the Xbox.
Okay, so I have played for a while, started out on Nintendo...got the Game Boys, the Super Nintendos, the blah de blah blah blah...got the PS1. Hooked instantly. The PS2, in my opinion, is excellent. I personally like the design on the PS2 itself, because if you need to fit it on a bookshelf, you more than likely can...it's roughly the size of a good book these days. Plus, the controllers are very hand-friendly, at least for me. It didn't take me very long at all with the PS1 to get used to the controller, and the PS2 has essentially the same controller design, except with joysticks(which can be turned on and off[I know this is a feature that was released on the PS1, but it wasn't a piece of standard equipment, at least not til closer to the release of the PS2 and/or the release of the dualshock controller]). I like the titles a lot. I'm a war game buff...so Medal of Honor is great, I have Ace Combat 4, and that game is BEAUTIFUL. The replay is fairly high, until you acquire enough quality jets where the competition is really nil. Still, it's a really good game, especially in first person view. You can even look around in the cockpit with the right joystick! It's friggin amazing! There's also SOCOM I and II. Those really are great games. But, there are other really great titles out there. The racing games for the PS are generally good. Umm..oh, yeah...three words: METAL GEAR SOLID. If you want an RPG/shoot em' up(although not encouraged)/strategy/deep plot/involvement to the MAX, the PS2 is your system, because it carries the MGS series. i know that it was carried over to the...Gamecube, I think, in a slightly different way...I think it's best to have the actual original. However, the skill level is slightly higher. I'd wait to get these games(esp. the MGS series) until you have the controller handled(the PS2 comes with a Dualshock 2 controller that is pressure sensitive. That can take a bit to get a feel for). Plus, you can buy a hard drive for the PS2 that is pretty big, and then you won't necessarily have to squander money on mem cards. And then we get into network adaptors...and DVD/CD/PS2 playback capabilities...It's a good package overall.
I wish there was a fourth gaming system out there, but I'll break my opinions down as best I can; I'm better at rating games, anyways.

XBox: hated it; contorller had waaayyy too many buttons for someone like me, with ADHD, to sit down and learn. Has a great selection of games you can play on it, though.

PS2: lots of buttons that will take a long time to learn, but easier for me than the XBox, and control buttons made more sense to me; no clue why. Also has a wide variety of games that you can play on it.

Game Cube: easiest controller I've seen since the original Nintendo; takes all of an hour to get the hang of. That said, it has a smaller amount of games that are compatable with it than the XBox or PS2.

(Now for games) If you liked KoL, you will LOVE, and I do mean love in terms of addicted love, love to play any of the following games or series' of games: 1) Final Fantasy 7-11; great storyline and great graphics (best are on 10 and 11); 2) Star Ocean: Till the End of Time; I only got 4 hours into it, and I was blown away by the graphics, the detail of the worlds, and the concept of it. Gameplay is kinda hard to learn, but I'll leave that up to you; 3) Phantasy Star Online; storyline that is a lot like KoL, but can get very creepy at times.

Now, as for games where you fight or blow shit up, I'd go for any of the followong: Rachet and Clank: Up your Arsenal (the title alone is funny), any of the Resident Evil games, this new one I found called Front Mission 4 or Front Mission Online....and the list goes on and on. Basically, to get started, you might want to get a subscription to Game Informer Magazine; they give lotsa details on new and old games for everyone. Cool shite.
Sweety, knowing you and all your drama loving, puzzle solving, tedium fighting skillz, I would say you should go out this very moment and buy yourself a PSDeuce, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and have a field day... if you want, you can play mine next time you're in the big GB.
Get a PS2 - and grab Kingdom Hearts and one of the Final Fantasies to let blowing up and puzzle solving be your bitch.