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We have instant hot cocoa in the break room – I have never been happier in all of my life.

Back in high school, Rosie (who basically ran the women’s PE department) would open up the girls’ locker room during lunch to sell some simple food items. This was probably VERY profitable. The line would go out the locker rooms and usually down the side of the building at the start of lunch on the first cold day of the year (Mind you, this was in central California. “Cold” was somewhere around the 40s).

What you could buy for a dollar was a packet of ramen noodles and hot cocoa. She provided cups and hot water and let me tell you, when the fog finally burned off on those chilly afternoons, or if the rain was coming down in sheets and you and your friends were huddled beneath the overhangs, a cup of soup and some cocoa was the only thing you needed to be happy.

Well, that and maybe a passing grade in Algebra 2/Trig.
Wow, that brings back memories. I used to buy my lunch there often because the line, although long, was shorter than the line for the official school lunches (where you could end up waiting for the entire lunch period and then end up not eating, especially because of the dumbass punks who liked to cut in line). The ramen was kinda narsty, but I ate a lot of it anyway.
It was also cheap as all get out. A dollar for lunch? That's a pretty good deal.

And yes - the ramen was nasty, but I also lived off of ramen for about a semester in college. I don't think I could have any now even if I wanted any...