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From the “It’s funny ‘cause I’m five” department comes this news story of people who are having problems with beavers. This article is complete with a photo of WET BEAVERS!!!

Man, I know a couple guys who wish they had beaver problems…

And speaking of guys with beaver problems…because women have now come into their own sexual awakening (finally, THANK GOD), many young men are turning to Viagra to help them keep up with the sex crazed females out there. Honestly, though, guys aren’t able to keep up with women? Maybe most of them are just out of practice. I dunno.

Or it could stem from the misinformation given during abstinence based sex education. Don’t get me wrong folks, if you want to be 100% safe from EVERYTHING, don’t have sex. But if you’re gonna teach that, teach the right facts kplzthnx! Although, I think it be awfully fun to teach this kind of thing. I like scaring youngsters.
Teacher: Girls, if you are swimming in pool with boys YOU WILL GET PREGNANT!
Teacher: And boys, if you even so much as LOOK at a penis that doesn’t belong to you, not only are you gay, BUT YOU WILL DIE FROM AIDS!
Teacher: And just remember, the only way to survive in this horrible world is to completely segregate your self from the opposite gender until you are married, and then only have sex for children, not for pleasure.
meg, i absolutely love reading your lj...thanks for brightening my day! :)
Heheh I'm glad you enjoy it and I hope your finals go well!! *thinks good thoughts for you*
I love the article with the pix of wet beavers. Excellent reporting!
The wet beavers would make ANYBODY'S day :)
(Deleted comment)

I consider myself to be a catholic, but I'm hardly with the church :-P

Abstinence is the only fool proof method of safe sex, but I hate the fact that our money is going towards teaching abstinence only sex-ed, 'specially if it's centered around scare tactics. Of course, that is the catholic way...
I wonder if Viagra provides more of a psychological boost than a physical aid for younger men who aren't impotent. I can totally see some men feeling "manly" taking something that's supposed to help them have sex.

Abstinence only sex ed scares me. The misinformation that some of these students are recieving is incredible...and it's not going to stop kids from having sex as teenagers, it will only increase their chances of having unsafe sex when they DO have it, i.e. "well, if condoms are so ineffective, let's just not use one." Grrrrrrr. Yes, kids need to be taught that abstinence is the ONLY 100% surefire method of preventing STDs and pregnancy, but they need to know what their EFFECTIVE options are if the DO decide to have sex.
There is a physical reaction to viagra no matter what the age. You should see that episode of sex in the city. It is great! In Season 3 one of Samantha's lovers takes it recreationally, and she tries it. Apparently it heightens sensitivity. Absolutely hularious!

Love that show.
The way we teach sex-ed in general scares me. We have two extremes - either it's "you'll be safe as long as you wear a condom" or it's "YOU WILL DIE IF YOU HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE! DIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!" IT's a hard thing to educate because morals come into play A LOT and moral lessons are not to be taught at schools.

They should teach the science of sex ed (ie - this is what could happen and why) and maybe, JUST MAYBE parents could teach their kids the morals behind it.

Either way, as a culture, we view sex in a crazy way.
I must say that yes, the majority of the methods with which we teach sex ed in this country is pitiful, but we are making some small progress here and there. I think it depends on who the teacher is, which should not really mattter, but oh well. As for the men using viagra, I applaud them. As men get past something like, say, 20, they lose a lot of staying power, but women won't peak til about 30 or 35, so men are at a slight disadvantage in that respect. Plus, women have the added bonus of being able to have multiples, which most men can't do (sad as that is). Hell, I think in the future, men from the next generation will start "v-ing up" in college to get more chicks, so who know? And as for the sex-ed thing, I think it'd be interesting to see if our generation has progressed any from previous ones in terms of teaching it, though judging from the last batch of ed. majors at SNC, it will still be a very conservative topic, indeed.
Yup...kids need to know the FACTS. I think it should definitely be taught that abstinence is the only 100% sure way to prevent STDs and pregnancy, BUT kids also need DETAILED information about the different types of birth control (ESPECIALLY for Jr. High and HS sex ed...an overview is probably okay for elementary), what they DO and DON'T protect from (i.e. the Pill CANNOT protect you from STDs), and rates of effectiveness so that they can make an EDUCATED decisions regarding sex and their body. I think the sex ed classes in Davis were actually run pretty well in that regard -- in my HS sex ed class (I took it in summer school), we had a demonstration of the correct method of putting on a condom on a wooden penis model. This actually ended up proving very useful to me a few years later. ;)

And an interest side comment on the morals thing..."morals" is actually a required part of the Japanese school curriculum for elementary and jr. high school students (I don't know if it is in HS because I don't teach at HSs). My jr. high students all have one class of moral education a week with their homeroom teachers. I'm not exactly sure what goes on in these classes, but I've been trying to figure it out...I'd really like to get my hands on a textbook.
Yes - the sex ed classes at DHS were actually pretty good. Mine taught the science of it, the facts of it, and if you choose to have sex, how to protect yourself. In elementary school it doesn't need (i feel) to go beyond the changing of the bodies and what that means.

In Jr. High and High School I think it's more important to focus on the diseases and descion making (although that's hard to teach, cause it does fall into the "morals" catagory).

But really, they teach morals in school over there? Do find out more about it if you can, I would love to know more!
Yeah, I'll let you know what I come across, which reminds me...my friend Jaime wrote her thesis (sociology) on moral education in Japan and the U.S.(and she just finished up a Fulbright in Korea studying moral education there)...I should totally talk to her about this!