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Best. Article. Ever.
awwww.....Brings a tear to my eye. You go girl-octopus!
isn't it just so sweet??

Poor mama octopus, afraid her little babies would be thrown away *sniffles*
Last night on loveline a girl called in. I forget her problem, but she lives with her dad because her mom left them when she was three. Dr. Drew jumped all over this, because it is messed up for a woman to voluntarily leave her child. And that's just for humans.
I love octopuses too!

I'm stealing the link, hope you don't mind.
don't mind at all! Spread the tenticle love! :-D
(Deleted comment)
Nope, it's Octopi (but octopuses is also correct)

And cephelopods in general totally rock my world. They really are quite smart!
(Deleted comment)
I stand corrected! A brief search reveals that in the most pedantic way, "octopods" is correct for the reason given.

However, in the dictionary, it is listed as "octopuses" or "octopi"

Most curious!
Good, good! Great Cthulhu shall be pleased!
awww....for some reason I have a mental image of little baby Cthulhus....so cute!
You mean like this?

I want a baby soul sucker of my very own...
(Deleted comment)
You mean you've never SEEN it before?

Wow, you were so deprived...