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On Lost last night they gave me SUCH a heart attack. Its hard for me to watch it because it's at the same time as America's Next Top Model (why I am addicted to that show I'll never be able to tell you) and I flipped back and OMG - it was a shot of Dom HANGING FROM A TREE. And then he was like all dead and stuff and I'm all NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T KILL MY DOM!!!!! NOT THE CUTE HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they kept trying to bring him back to life and shit and then they walk away and the sad music played and I was all "WTF! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!" and finally Jack hit him on the chest one more time and BAM! Like the hand of GOD! Dom came back to life.

And then I realized how lame I was for getting that involved.
it is not lame! because then that would make me lame...... And we wouldn't want that.
But we can be lame together! And then we'll get more people to be lame with us! And then people who aren't lame will become lame and then WE WILL TAKE OVER THE EARTH!!

And Dom can be our sex slave. Or something.
I can totally dig that. Yeah, that'll work. HAH! all those popular kids in high school are LAME!!!!!

We can build a continent called Lameica. Or not...
Lameorkia? How does that sound...
United Empire of Lame?

District of Lame?


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I've heard that from A LOT of people - I saw one episode (where the lady gets hit by the car) and it seemed pretty interesting, I just keep forgetting it's on...
I think the only episode I saw was the one after that one. The one where teri hatcher got stuck in the dude's floor. didn't really grab my attention.


The radio people talk about it all the time here - I kinda wish I watched it from the begining. Aparently it's a huge mystery (much like Lost. But Lost has a hobbit. Mmmm...delicious hobbit...)
Yeah, if Desperate Housewives got a hobbit, their ratings would catapult, too.
(Deleted comment)
Yeah, they need to start showing repetes from the beginning so I can join in on the wonders of this new drug.

Finally, TV is becoming good...maybe I should get a tivo so I can watch all of these...
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Holy crap you are popular:) hehe. I am OBSESSED with America's next top model. i can't help it, it's quite addicting. Who do you really want to win?
Toss up between Amanda and shit...what's her name...the 19 year old who's hella sassy.

Yaya pisses the fuck out of me and needs to get elliminated like - NOW. But it was good that Anna left, she was annoying me. So was Norelle.

I was so mad when they elliminated the plus sized girl - I hope she makes it big someplace else!
DUDE, the plus sized girl was totally my favorite. I was totally pissed at that episode. And yaya is gorgeous, but she has such an ATTITUDE, i totally want to go slap her in the face. I love when tyra takes her down a few pegs...Anna was the one that was always angry, right? i didn't think she was a very good model. I want Eva to win, she ROCKS...and i agree, if not Eva, then amanda.