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chaos_ensues and I just created a new community.

It's called Stripable, Lickable, Whipable, or GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FANDOM and can be found here: striplickwhip

Basically, it's a really messed up rating community for males (and possibly girls, we're open minded) who are either part of a fandom or in a fandom all of their own. Anybody can join and it's to promote sick and sad, very sad debate on what we want to do with these people.

So if you're feeling just as horny as we are, go and be a part of it!

It should prove to be fun...
(Deleted comment)
Right now it's me and chaos_ensues so you can join and not worry :-P

We're open minded too, so you can post pics of girls if you would like :)
(Deleted comment)
it's not so much of a "we're rating YOU" meaning people who joing but rating what we would do with people with mass followings. Take for example the people from LOTRs. I'll use the women in this case:
Live Tyler - GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FANDOM! I hate the skanky whore
Miranda Otto - Lickable she looks nice
(Deleted comment)
Well, we're actually being REALLY loose on the true definition. Fandom really is sorta like a kingdom of fans based around one thing. Like there's the buffy fandom, the LOTR fandom, pirates of the caribbean fandom, and sometimes people can be fandom all on their own (like Johnny Depp).

Basicaly - they have to have a major following, preferbly one of really stupid fan girls (or fan boys)
(Deleted comment)
Hahahha - get a fansite dedicated to you and we'll talk :-P
i'm so confused --- why are you starting a community for males?
It's not for males - I totally wrote that badly - it's for GIRLS (and maybe boys) to RATE and DISCUSS Fandom BOYS (and maybe girls) and rate them.

I wrote this at night and wasn't very clear in my thinking...