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Went and saw the Kings lose to the Wolves with captainhandsome. True to form, the Kings lost it in the 4th quarter but this time it wasn’t ALL their fault. They had been playing slow and steady the entire game and then out of NOWHERE the Wolves opened up with a can of whoopass and the last few minutes were pretty painful to watch. It was a much better game than the one I saw in February, but that’s not saying much.

It’s hard for me to put into words how I feel about the Kings this year. Four years ago the kings were the boys to watch. They were coming out with guns blazing and you could bet on a good game no matter what. They had passion and energy and were really pushing it. They wanted to WIN and they wanted it BADLY. And every year they took it to the playoffs and then…well, remember that energy I was talking about? Well, they had it but it wasn’t FOCUSED. That’s why they’d lose in the 4th every single time. Fouls, crap shots, poor passing - in the last quarter the Kings would just be plain tuckered out (or just plain stupid. We all remember what happened in the playoffs. Jesus Christ). This year they seem more…timid. They’re playing a more conservative game – a lot of their energy seems to be gone. Is it because they lost Vlade (and yes I know he started with the Lakers but I’m still PISSED that he went back there.)? I don’t know (but Vlade was one who would just lose his mind in the last few minutes of the game – it was frustrating to watch. He’s good, but at the end of the game you can see him struggling). I just don’t think the Kings will take it this year. I look at them play and it’s like they just don’t want it anymore. What happened guys?

(end Meg’s ill-educated view on basketball)

I met up with Timmy at around noon and the two of us went to the Maple Grove huge ass mall thingy and walked around a bit. Timmy went cologne shopping and tired out a billion types – all on me. I ended up smelling like gay boy for the rest of the day. We had lunch and then went to get my Christmas tree at Cub Foods where I got my tree last year. We took it home, set it up, then I drove him back to work.

The tree in my living room at first was scary daunting like. Just this huge tree presence that loomed in the corner of my vision. Once I got lights on it the thing mellowed down. I didn’t have enough so I put off decorating it until I could get to target and get some more lights.

Saturday night chaos_ensues and I set up our LJ community for the rating of fandom boys (and girls – we’re open minded). Basically, if they have a cult following of teenaged fangirls who lose all marbles with the mere mention of their idol’s name, we’re gonna rate them. If you want to ogle, rate, and then discuss these people with us, join the community over at striplickwhip.

Sunday I went to Target to get Christmas lights. Did I come home with just Christmas lights? Of course not! I have a love/hate relationship with target. Hating target is like hating baby bunnies. You want to hate them because they are so cute and innocent and just THERE. You want to hate them because anything that cute and fuzzy and loveable must secretly be evil incarnate who will eat your soul whilst you sleep and then poop in your soulless body. That’s sort of how I feel about Target. I came back from the store with lights, garlands, bows, and ornaments for my little tree at the office.

So I came home, popped Love Actually into the dvd player and decorated my tree and doorways. I’m pretty happy with it but the bottom of my tree could use more lights I think. My place feels much more festive and I’m proud of it.

So that was my weekend. On Friday my friend Sam is coming for a visit and that’ll be awesome. I haven’t seen him since August and the house warming party.

Got a big week ahead of me – need to shop, need to make cookies, need to prepare myself for Christmas. But remember! This is the third week of Advent! Rejoice! Rejoice!
I decorated my tree to Love Actually too. I love that movie! =)
So do I!

"Kids, listen to your Uncle Billy: Don't buy drugs...become a rock star and they give you them for free!"
(sorry about this morning. only my luck would have me waking up at 8 on sunday and 9:30 on monday)
no worries - I still got to work on time.