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Continuing on our crazy antics, chaos_ensues and I are starting a really odd webcomic. Since we have no art skills WHATSOEVER (except our photoshop prowess) and our html skills are pretty damn limited (what we know from LJ and "html for dummies") not to mention we are cheap as all fuck, we're using stick figures and geocities (for now at least).

We have some graphics up and chaos_ensues is working on the first strip. To see what we have set up so far, check out "Lost in a fandom"

Odds are it will be pretty x-rated. Well, as x-rated as stick figures can get...
(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the offer! I really don't know how serious we are with this comic, but that was really sweet of you to consider us :)

As for which of us is PeeJee/Aubrey...I think I'm more of an Aubrey. chaos_ensues can inflict damage on people better than I :-P