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Dear SciFi Channel,
You suck.

No, forgive me for my knee jerk reaction. But really – you suck.

When you first came into being it was exciting. Oooh! A channel that will cater to my geeky needs! Something that will air shows that other networks won’t! Something that will hear the cries of the nerds and bring forth programs that reflect our bookworm tendencies and our intelligence!

You started out strong. Well, sorta. Your first mini-series, Dune, didn’t suck. It wasn’t really all that good but it wasn’t a horrible piece of shit. You at least gave us something intelligent, not all special effects and graphics. Yes, there was general mumblings that you didn’t stick to every little detail of the story line, but it was let go because Dune is a pretty big thing to tackle. You did an okay job.

Perhaps we should have been more vocal.

Following a few years later, you gave us Children of Dune. And I’m sorry, but this was BAD. I’m not sure exactly what went wrong, or where you were lead down the path of evil. Perhaps it was electing to hire big name stars in hopes that it would draw a bigger, broader viewer base – perhaps you were hoping to open up science fiction to a wider audience, one that isn’t familiar with the worlds. That’s a noble goal – science fiction needs to be showcased now and then. But then you failed to trust that your audience would understand! You threw the story in the wind. And I’m sorry – listening to Susan Sarandon talk was like listening to fourth graders perform Shakespeare. They are just reciting words – they don’t know what they mean and neither did Sarandon. The cries against Children of Dune were pretty loud this time.

But not loud enough.

Now you are broadcasting Wizard of Earthsea. Sorry - The Legend of Earthsea. You’re trying to combine all the books into 4 hours of tv. Okay – maybe we can work with this. But then you threw EVERYTHING AWAY. You took the character names, a VERY rough outline of the plot and turned it something you wanted. This watches like a VERY BAD fanfic. You just can’t do that. You can’t skimp on the story line and the acting (which is horrible I might add, except for Danny Glover) just to spend more money on special effects (another flop – I’m sorry, that mist of concealment? WORST. FOG. EVER.). You chose to hire pretty much an all white cast (with the exception of Glover) despite the fact that race was clearly defined in the book. Why? Why did you do that? Are you saying people of color can’t act? What’s going on?

Remember how we talked about you guys not trusting your audience? Why aren’t you trusting us now? Why couldn’t you have given us the stories Ursula wrote and wrote well? Why did you have to turn it into a political/religious battle? Did you want to make a point about the war that’s going on now? THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! You don’t just go around changing good lit because you want your own message to get through. Either write your own or find another book to butcher.

So I’m sorry SciFi. I’m sorry that I trusted that you could deliver something that didn’t suck, something that wasn’t dumbed down. Trust in the story lines written. Trust in non big named actors. Trust that your audience will understand. You don’t have to Hollywood-ize EVERYTHING that comes across.

Perhaps the outcry from Earthsea will hold your feet to the coals and you’ll start producing mini-series that don’t suck.

Thank you,
Margaret Bridge.
Yeah, but isn't Kristen Kreuk pretty? Between her and Nelly Furtado, I'm moving to Vancouver. Rowr!
pretty doesn't mean she can ACT.

I mean, Shawn Ashmore is pretty yummie but I'd rather have good acting and a plot.
I'd like to Lana her Lane if you get my drift.
by all means go for it.

Just keep her out of my Earthsea, 'kie?
She can act fine if she's given good script and direction. You won't find Skiffy (thanks to sclerotic_rings) providing those things.
(Deleted comment)
It's a shame we can't get Canadian television here in the US.

It might up the general intelligence level.
I thought you would enjoy this article in Slate, if you haven't seen it already.