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stolen from a couple of folks...

Step 1: Put your media player on random.
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly and give them credit

1) You call me and I come a-runnin’. I turn the music on, I bring the fun in.multiclassgeek
2) I can’t sleep cause she snores like a chain saw
3) Early in the morning hey baby na nanana nananana
4) There's  William Henry Harrison "I died in 30 days" alexlucard
5) Regret haunts forever, don’t try to be clever
6) Don’t tell me the past can save me now
7) Take a bite of this apple Mr. corporate events, take a walk through the jungle of cardboard shanties and tents
8) Dana Andrews said prunes gave him the runes and passing them used lots of skills
9) I'd rather jump and run away than see it burn
10) I can be myself, how ’bout you?Tiff
11) Bobby says it's fine he don't consider it cheatingseventyeleventy
12) What do you mean? Check the guest list again, Mr. Bouncer-head muscle-manicebleu
13) You see her confidence is tragic, but her intuition magicicebleu
14) The three adjectives which best describe this killer are sadistic, intelligent, and dangerous.
15) Nothing lasts, life goes on full of surprises. You'll be faced with problems of all shapes and sizes.
16) We've heard the rules you need to know to make that social climb but we'd rather spend our energy on having a good time!
17) A star, a star, dancing in the night with a tail as big as a kiteicebleu
18) The land where large, fuzzy dice still hang proudly like testicles from rear-view mirrors.iideliishii
19) That I started looking and the bubble burst
20) And none of you stand so tall
21) I saw you as you walked across my room. You looked out the window, you looked at the moon.icebleu
22) How can you grow old you were my triumph?
23) Hold your glass up, hold it in. Never betray the way you've always known it is.agreendayinhel1
24) And the muscular cyborg German dudes dance with sexy French
25) But all that lives is born to die.multiclassgeek

Weird mix...weird mix indeed...
I think I hear some Ani in there..
#1 is Sweet's Song from the Buffy Musical Episode
#25 is Led Zepplin, "That's the Way"
Yay for you!
actually, no - no ani at all...
#4 is the Mediocre President song fromt he Simpsons
Yay for the Simpsons!
11) Bobby says it's fine he don't consider it cheating


my girlfriend would be proud.. she's a hardxcore White Stripes fan! =D
hahah! Go team you!
12. DJ's Girl - Katalina
13. Meet Virginia - Train
17. Do you hear what I hear?
21. Do You Sleep? - Lisa Loeb
Congrats congrats! And yay! You're my first lurker!
18 is "Race Car Ya-Yas" by Cake
BOOYAH!!! Give it up for the central californians!!
#10: Fire Escape, Fastball

W00T! Go team you!
pissed i didn't see this earlier --- sorry babe - i totally would have gotten RHPS and Animaniacs