Well - you guys ALMOST got half of them...here are the answers to the rest!

2) I can’t sleep cause she snores like a chain saw - Blue Collar Suicide - The Refreshments
3) Early in the morning hey baby na nanana nananana - We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time - The Velvet Underground
5) Regret haunts forever, don’t try to be clever - Slip - Lucky Boys Confusion
6) Don’t tell me the past can save me now - Bossman - Lucky Boys Confusion
7) Take a bite of this apple Mr. corporate events, take a walk through the jungle of cardboard shanties and tents - Comfort Eagle - CAKE
8) Dana Andrews said prunes gave him the runes and passing them used lots of skills - Science Fiction Double Feature - Rocky Horror Picture Show
9) I'd rather jump and run away than see it burn - Love Calling Earth - Robbie Williams
14) The three adjectives which best describe this killer are sadistic, intelligent, and dangerous. - Acid Killer - Infected Mushroom
15) Nothing lasts, life goes on full of surprises. You'll be faced with problems of all shapes and sizes. - For Now - Avenue Q
16) We've heard the rules you need to know to make that social climb but we'd rather spend our energy on having a good time! - The Etiquette Song - Animaniacs
19) That I started looking and the bubble burst - Warning Sign - Coldplay
20) And none of you stand so tall - Pink Moon - Nick Drake
22) How can you grow old you were my triumph? - Long Time Coming - Delays
24) And the muscular cyborg German dudes dance with sexy French
Canadians - Wheels - CAKE