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Chapter 50:
In which Americas Next Top Model leads to kinky toe sex with Dom, the realization that my boobs are a gift from the French, and an open question to anybody who can help me figure out exactly which God I should be worshiping on what day.

America’s Next Top Model ended last night. They all told us that this was going to have a SHOCKER OF AN ENDING! YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT!!! And really, the ending itself wasn’t shocking. The second to last cut was shocking – when it was down to Eva and Amanda. And you could so see that Eva though she was going to get cut – Amanda was all “I’m up against Eva? P’shaw – NO CONTEST!” and Eva was already starting to tear up a bit. But then they said Eva and Amanda was all “WTF!??!” And really, after being nice all season long, in this episode she was a TOTAL wankette. Personally, I think they should have cut Yaya but in the end it was okay because Eva won. It just would have been way more interesting if it was between Eva and Amanda and not just Eva and Yaya at the fashion show. But whatever – it’s over and now I can dedicate my Wednesday nights to Lost and my darling Dom who, as we all know, belongs in my pants. And let me tell you, Dom has sexy feet. Go look for pictures of him and look at his sexy, sexy ape feet. Those are some mad prehensile toes he’s got there *thinks of the kinky possibilities*

Do you know what bugs me most about my body? The fact that I’m a fat girl with little boobs. If god wants me to be curvy, I might as well have something to SHOW for it…this all stems from the fact that I now own one of those air bras and I enjoy the extra cleavage. However, what is good is that I don’t have monstrous scary boobs – my boobs are non-threatening and have been dubbed the bosom of refuge. They’re like the statue of liberty in a way – only not made of green metal. That’s nice, and my boobs are well loved by the masses, but really…wait – this is dumb. Boob envy is dumb. I’m changing the subject.

Okay – here’s a question for some of my smart friends out there. What’s the deal with the names of the week? I know that they relate to the planets, which then relate to greek/roman Gods, but are generally named after Norse Gods. Example:
Monday = Moon (no norse god connection?)
Tuesday = Mars (God of War, Norse connection is Tir)
Wednesday = Mercury (Messenger of the Gods/God of Wisdom. Norse connection is Odin? Because of the wisdom thingy?)
Thursday = Jupiter (God of Thunder, Norse connection is Thor)
Friday = Venus (Goddess of live, Norse connection is Freya)
Saturday = Saturn (God of Fertility, Norse connection is Loki?)

So how is it that we don’t call Saturday something like “Lokday” and why is Monday just in reference to the moon and no goddesses? And in German, Thursday is “Donnerstag” which means “Thunderday” and makes sense. But Wednesday is “Mittwoch” or “Middle week” and that throws EVERYTHING out of order.

So if anybody has an answer for me on this one, feel free to share it. Also – if you know a different language, what do the days of the week mean in THAT language? Do they still have the planet/god meaning or what?
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But why do we have the norse connection on some, but not on others?
I was so happy that Eva won. I think she deserved it. THey all looked awesome on that covergirl shoot, but Eva has always been my favorite:)

You know, i never really thought about where the names of the days of the week came from. That's really cool to know!
All three of them are pretty - but Eva's got the right additude for a top model. Even though she was kinda bitchy, she was never playing a part. She was just Eva the whole show long :)
monday: [Middle English, from Old English Monandæg(translation of Latin lunae dies, day of the moon) : monan, genitive of mona, moon; see moon + dæg, day; see day.]

Luna was the Roman god of the moon, and that's why monday is Lunes in spanish
Oh, yeah, and Mani was the Norse god of the moon, sooo.....Mani=moon?
I think my main question is why are some days named after the planets and some days named after the gods?
that's the result of all the shifts in religion and government. there were a lot of them, and some of the names hung over and some of them were replaced.
but why NORSE gods?

Clearly this involves more research...
well, the norse religion was very pervasive in northern europe....and when the romans went on their conquest mission there was too much resistance to completely obliterate the norse mythos.

I sound like I know what I'm talking about, don't I? If it's true, it's completely accidental :P
The reason days in English are named after both Norse and Greek/Roman Gods (Jupiter being the Roman-equivalent of the Greek's Zeus, Neptune to Poseidon, etc) is because our language is a confluence of both Romance and Germanic influences. Though native English grew out of the Germanic Language family, England was conquered first by the Romans and then the Saxons (aka the French). So the influence of both lead to us having the mish-mash language we have today.
I've had a love/hate relationship with my boobs over the last couple years. first they were too small, then I thought they were to big. right now I want them a little firmer (no plastic surgery, thanks). I like them smaller rather than bigger, but now my problem is that even when I wear my corset for renfair, I *still* have no cleavage! I guess I'll have to add another row of holes in the back...
Also – if you know a different language, what do the days of the week mean in THAT language? Do they still have the planet/god meaning or what?

Japanese days of the week are interesting. I actually use the Japanese meanings of the kanji when teaching the days of the week in english to my students. (i.e. on the picture cards I bring to elem schools, my picture for Monday is a moon, Tuesday is fire, etc.) I'm going to use kanji in this post, so sorry if you can't read it on your computer...I'll find some other way to express it if you can't.

日曜日(nichiyoubi) is Sunday. 日 means either "day" or "sun," depending on the context (as a side note, this is also in the kanji for 日本 (nihon), which means "Japan"...thus "Japan" is "origin of the sun.")
月曜日(getsuyoubi) is Monday. 月 means moon or month.
火曜日(kayoubi) is Tuesday. 火 means fire.
水曜日(suiyoubi) is Wednesday. 水 means water.
木曜日(mokuyoubi) is Thursday. 木 means tree or wood.
金曜日(kinyoubi) is Friday. 金 means money or gold.
土曜日(doyoubi) is Saturday. 土 means earth (as in soil).

An interesting note here is that every kanji has at least 2 readings (although some have many more), so the kanji by themselves are not pronounced the same as they are in the days of the week (this is why I wanted to use the actual kanji in this post, not a romanization). For example, the word for water (just water by itself) is "mizu," not "sui." Although, kanji compounds for words ABOUT water will have sui in them. for example, the word for "water works" is 水道 and it is pronounced "suidou."

Okay, I'm rambling. I'll shut up. But yeah, those are the meanings of the days of the week in Japanese.
Tuesday: is actually "two fer" tuesday, as in double coupon day

Wednesday: is a Christian thing, it means Witness-day

In Chinese the days are:
星期一:monday: day one
星期二:tuesday: day two
星期三:wednesday: day three
星期四:thursday: day four
星期五:friday: day five
星期六:saturday: day six
星期天:sunday: day of heaven