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Man, nothing wakes you up in the morning like freezing rain.

A good weekend was had. You know, I think I say that about every weekend when I write my Monday morning posts, but it’s usually true. It’s rare for me to have a bad weekend. Of course, if every weekend is a good weekend, it’s hard to judge which weekends are better than others, but really – this was a good weekend.

Sam came up from Milwaukee on Friday evening. captainhandsome joined us and the three of us then went to see our friend Amy dance in the Bloomington community dance thingy perform The Nutcracker Suite. It was a very good performance and it turned out that the three of us were the warm up act for the people sitting around us – or at least the older lady sitting next to captainhandsome. Also – damn, male ballet dancers….I mean…just…damn. I could have bounced a quarter off the prince’s ass. Seriously.

Saturday we watched some episodes of showtime’s series “Dead Like Me.” I really enjoyed it and I would almost pay for premium cable so I could watch it all the time. Seriously – I would love to have Mandy Pitankin as my boss. The only problem is that after spending the weekend watching all 14 of the episodes I now have this constant voice over going on in my head. When I watch shows with narrators or voice overs I start thinking in the same way. I call it “The Wonder Years Effect.” I expect that some voice will come over from somewhere and start making these deep revelations about my life or society or something like that. It’s kind of creepy but at times I wish I could record my life and then do a commentary on it. Except that I image it would get old really fast.

Also on Saturday we went and saw “Ocean’s 12” which was entertaining. I don’t think it was as good or even on par with the first movie – but I was entertained. I seriously thought they lost focus during the movie, it seemed scattered and not as sharp as the first one. But, as I’ve said twice before now – it was entertaining. I wasn’t bored at all during the movie and there were some great scenes and memorable quotes. So that’s good.


Anyways, it was very nice to have company this weekend and it was nice to watch all of “Dead Like Me.” Makes me realize how my obsession with the Grim Reaper is not all that unique and if I want to really make a good story out of it all I’m going to really figure out a good twist.

Oh! And the New Years party is DEFINITELY on. I will be making a post about it when I get home tonight that will have more details. I’ll also be sending out emails to people who don’t read my LJ and why I just posted that on my LJ doesn’t make any sense. But yeah. Look for more details!
I'll be thinking of your party from florida! :P