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Come sit beside me in the dying light
What storms the morning brings,
we'll weather all right,
your hand in my hand
And as we sit here huddled in the gloam...
Paradise seems strangely close ...
Close to home...

Speanding Easter alone this year. It's very quiet here, campus is almost dead. I hope to get a lot of writing done this weekend, but I know that the four days will go by too fast for me to understand. The days are just flying now. Two weeks of classes. One week of finals. One more day. Then I move.

Leaving will be hard. I love my friends so much it hurts my heart. I won't see them daily. I won't laugh with them. I won't get hugs from them. I won't dawdle to class, or sing show tunes, or pretend that we have all the time in the world with them. I've made this place my home. My friends are my family. I have lived with them for four years. I love them; all their quirks, all their weirdness, and they love me too; for everything that makes me me, for everything that I didn't like, they liked. They saw the parts in me that I could have never seen. It takes friends to see that. We are all blind when it comes to our selves. It takes good friends to show it to us.

This will be hard to let go of. I need to spread open my fingers and let it slide through like fine grains of sand. I need to feel it slipping through my fingers, and I need not be afraid. This is the next part of my life, and it's okay to let some things go. It's okay to move on. I have had a great four years, and now it's time for someone else to take my place.

But you cannot close the acorn
Once the oak tree begins to grow
And you can't close your heart
To what it fears and needs to know
That the hardest part of love, is the letting go
"Our friends are our clearest mirrors."

Things will be okay...you will adjust. And when you come back to visit, it will be like you've never left, except that your presence is appreciated more than you ever thought before.

That's my 2 cents.