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Because we’re all materialistic and like to brag, I’m adding my list to the Christmas show-off:

2 sweatshirts (1 from mom, 1 from grandma)
5 pairs of wintersilk toe socks (mom)
1 wintersilk nightshirt (mom)
2 big fluffy towels (mom)
Hero on DVD (Tom)
Frog Prince nesting dolls (VERY cute!) (mom)
A candle holder (grandma)
A VERY pretty Celtic cross (Tom)
$100 gift certificate for iTMS (mom and dad)
$50 gift certificate for Target (mom and dad)
$25 gift certificate for Barnes and Nobel (Carolyn)
Demon Hunters on DVD (Pearl)
Warm Fuzzy Scarf made from the hides of dead Muppets (Mike)
A Game Cube with the following: (all from dad and various felines)
  • and extra controller
  • a memory card
  • carrying case for games
  • extension cords
  • MarioKart Double Dash
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (Tom)
  • Sonic Mega Collection
  • Pikmin 2
  • Preview for the new Resident Evil
  • $15 gift certificate for a game cube game

It was a VERY good Christmas. I drove up to Duluth on Friday afternoon and spent Christmas with my mom, dad, and grandma. We went to midnight mass at 8pm with the nunnies from St. Scholastica and then had delightful Christmas goodies and real eggnog until about 10. The nuns are delightful and lovely ladies and my mom saw quite a few of her old classmates. She also told me that she liberated a pewter teapot from them when she was in college. It makes me feel better about my attempts at a 6 person service set.

I am looking forward to New Years – it should be a good time. As stated before, I have a game cube now, so if you who are coming have game cube games you’d like to share, please do (and also if you have extra controllers – MarioKart can play up to 4 people, but I only have 2 controllers).

NOTE: I am trying to cut down on my net usage at work because they told me to. Expect few posts to LJ during work hours and, because I now have MUCH more time on my hands, I have been writing real letters to people. If you would like to receive a real letter in your mail box (and I know we all like that feeling), please email me your address (margaret dot bridge at omniresources dot com) and I will write you a letter. Please, give me something to do!!! I’ll also put in a stick figure drawing for you as well!

Hope everybody had a wonderful holiday weekend and I can’t WAIT for new years!
It's actually a part of my cultural heritage to make use of the whole Muppet. Including the arsehole.

Which is delicious.
I've heard that muppet arsehole is quite the delicacy...
(Deleted comment)
oh yeah - hardcore bandit style!!