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Do I write a snarky post because I need to vent or do I just let things go?

Taking the moral high ground sucks...

I just want to know, though, what did I do to piss people off?

*shrugs* That's the way it goes I guess...
Enh, I'd vent, but leave out too many names if they are on lj themselves. That's mostly what I do, even though it's not nearly as effective as I hoped it to be.
Eh - I may just make it a private post or a filtered post. I just need to vent about stuff and the more open it is the more likely I am to get responseces like "you're just being immature and stupid." when all I really want is just to do a primordal scream etc. YOu know, get it out of my system before it bottles up and stuff.
yeah, I hate when people do that. I just don't because I get actual PHONE CALLS when I mention names, which is so retarded. If you don't like the entry about you, don't read it, simple as that. It's your own space, do with it what you will.
Hah - if I posted it I would never hear the end of it and bloggers across the great state of Minnesota would look down their noises at me :-P

Nah - this really was just a knee jerk reaction to things that have been solidifying over time. I should get it out but I'd rather it be something well thought out than just an angry rant.
I think you should do it up Foamy-style. Hehehe. =)
It's been my experience that actually talking (or emailing, or whatever) directly to the people who are upsetting you is actually a morally higher ground than passive agressive livejournal stuff. You might just be imagining that people are pissed at you and by talking to them you could get a real explanation, whereas if you rant about them in public you'll piss them off even if they weren't pissed before.

I say this as someone who has lost two friends because they decided to spazz on their blogs about imagined slights.
I had this discussion with my carpool driver on the way home that the line "sometimes taking the moral high ground sucks..." could be misinterperated in any number of ways. I put it as a knee jerk reaction as well as an observation before I wrote anything else(meaning, sometimes you jsut want to scream your head off at people, but you can't and besides, doing that is not producive and would be really stupid of me, but it feels so damn good at the time). Considereing what I COULD have written, this was actually much better in some ways (meaning - better in terms of I have calmed down and looked at things rationally and if this had happen 2 years ago I would have written something I would have been very ashamed of).

As for passive-agressive behavior on LJ, this live journal is first and foremost my personal journal, and I shouldn't have to filter every post I make. However, as discused on the car ride home, in a public forum it is easy to misinterperate what is written.

If that line has angered or annoyed people, I am sorry for not being as clear as I wanted to be. I'm not spazzing out, really, and just needed a small time to vent. It is funny, to me at least, that in this age of fast communication, I still find that I have a hard time communicating my feelings.
I can't speak for everyone else reading your journal, but I for one was not angry or annoyed. Like I said, I've lost two friends over the past few years because rather than talking to people they felt were wronging them, they jumped to conclusions and posted rants on their respective blogs about it. In both cases no one had any problem with the people in question until they saw themselves skewered in blog entries.

You shouldn't filter every post you make if you don't want to, but there are also consequences that come with it. One of the aforementioned former friends has a particular problem with this concept and can't figure out why her friends and family are always upset with her after she rants about them in her blog. If you want to make sure no one is ever offended or confused by something you write, well, that's what paper diaries with little locks are for. The internets are not private and you (a general you, not you in particular) can't control people's reactions.
And with that comes also the mantra of "you can't please everybody all the time" and this is something I do understand.

I really didn't think that the one line would have the reaction that it did, but it has been interesting to hear the reactions that it has caused. It gives one pause to think.
I'd say just write a post just letting every single thing that's been pissing you off, but make it private so that only you can read it.

If it's personal with someone or some group of people, I think it's best to talk to someone outside of Livejournal. I've always found that personal grudges aired over Livejournal always seem more like Dirty Laundry being shown than anything else.

But then again, I'm a pretty private person regarding what I choose to put in to my livejournal. . .so that's my 2 cents.
as stated before this was really just a knee jerk reaction, and actually a calm one at that. There has been more issue with the misinterperation of one line than anything else (which is why I'm glad I didn't vent on LJ AT ALL).

Really, I calmed down and looked at things rationally and over all, as I've said in the thread above, it's interesting and also a good lesson, to see the ractions that one line can cause.
Sorry. . .I generally tend to avoid going through all the threads when I want to share my little nuggets of info.
Call me up. We'll get coffee. You can vent to me.