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There is no God.

If there were, he would have rained down sheets upon sheets of icy goodness from the sky.

On the upside, 35dub was empty this morning.
we got coated in a sheet of icy goodness over here.... it was loads of fun :D
Hey, it's raining out. And you know what's at Nicollet and the Minnehaha Pkwy when it's raining out.
YOu mean...

The giant puddle of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad we're not carpooling today :-P
From what I've heard on the radio, it sounds like God's hanging out around St. Cloud. Not surprising, since Stearns county needs a lot more help than the rest of MN.
Heya meg, the mbridge road runner email address you left in my LJ to send the resume to is chock full of no workie =/ Got another one I can send it to you at?
Gah - I'm dumb. My gmail is fangirlie@gmail.com

And my road runner seems to be working... once again that's mbridge @ mn.rr.com