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What are the odds that the two volcano/disaster movies that were made in 1997 are showing at the same time tonight? Due to that, I have been watching the complete brain dead-ness of disaster movie actors and some of the best examples of hollywood stupidity. Aaaah, it's so horribly bad it's wonderful.
Poll #411955 Dante's Peak vs. Volcano

Which volcano movie sucks more?

Dante's Peak (Pierce Brosnan & Linda Hamilton in quiet montain town vs volcano of DOOOOOOM)
Volcano (Tommy Lee Jones & Anne Heche in Los Angels use concrete barriers to defeat volcano of DOOOOOOM!)

Anyways, the New Years party went very well I thought. Kelly makes a KICK ASS Apple Snicker Salad and Timmy and Pearl are delightful when drunk dialing. When Mike came over we played a game called "Adventures of Baron von Munchausen" Basically, you go around in a circle, somebody gives you a title (Contessa Pearl from the Sound of Puget) and a story to tell us (I have often heard rumors of the time you stole Thor's hammer using only your feminine wiles and a pack of baby ferrets. Would you tell us what really happened?) and you have to come up with that story. Mad props goes to Lord Mike of Squattington and how he defeated the might Purple and Gold dragon using Timmy's hair products (could you drive your good car to pick me up one of these days?). Other great stories included Sir Not Appearing in this Film's tale of danger and coldness as he convinced the giant squid to trade his tentacles for mittens.

2005 will be a good year I think. I already have things to look forward to and that's exciting. 2004 saw me with my first job in the cities, my first condo, getting fired from my first job in the cities, get a newer BETTER job, have an awesome house warming party, have friends visit from out of state, dinner with my favorite author, and other exciting things as well.

Let's see what 2005 (year of the rooster) will bring...
year of the rooster, huh? well, you know what that means.... cock-a-doodle-doo!!! (if you know what I mean ;)

As for the dualing volcano disaster movies.... I don't know if I saw Volcano, but c'mon... Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton? 007 *and* Sarah Connor? Hands down the lesser of two evils. And didn't Dante's Peak have the old lady that sacrificed herself by jumping into the acid lake to push the boat or something?
Yeah - but it was such a 1990s yuppie-qsque kinda town...I'm almost glad it got ravaged by the volcano.

Volcano sucked more, for me, 'cause the science was REALLY REALLY bad. And bad science beats bad acting (and whiny kids) any day.
well, I think *any* disaster movie has bad science. sure some of the stuff is possible, but the way they go about it or go about fixing it is always improbable....
I haven't seen either - but i heart tommy lee jones. He is my two face.
if you love TLG, why did you say Volcano sucked more?
I dont read
No mention of the Flew? :-)