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I’ve got Scissor Sisters stuck in my head today, especially “Filthy/Gorgeous.” Not the best thing to be singing to yourself while you file paper work but it beats “To the Windows.”

It’s a slow day here in the office and it’s going to be a slow week, I can tell. But huzzah for the new year! Already there are things I am looking forward to – my vacation is in a month and one week. I will be leaving on the 11th of Feb. not to return until the 21st. 10 wonderful days of NO WORK! YAY!!!

Last night I crashed at 8pm, reading my book, still wearing my clothes. I woke up late and DESPERATLY needed to take a shower, so I was a few minutes late coming out of my place. We still made it to work on time so that’s a plus.

I’ve been feeling a lull in my LJ writing as of late. It’s one of those times where not a lot is going on in my life and I don’t feel like making things up. However, I’ve been hearing about “Down The Rabbit Hole Day” which will be celebrated on Lewis Carrol’s birthday. It’s where instead of writing what really happened that day, you write it as if you’ve fallen through the rabbit hole and the world is just a bit different. Perhaps when I’m done with “Well of Lost Plots” I’ll pick up “Alice in Wonderland” to make sure I get things just right in the whacked out department.

Heh – speaking of “Alice in Wonderland” I remember the paper I wrote on it for my Fairy Tales class. It was about how people read way too much into the story and because of that, lose the childlike fun and absurdness of it all. IN my research for said paper, I found essays written about how Alice didn’t have good taste in food because of what she ate and drank and some others that just make you go “whaaa?”

I suppose that’s the problem with being an English major sometimes. Because you have to do some many criticisms, and so many have already been done, that you look for really outlandish ideas to read into the story. I wonder if the authors of the papers even realize how dumb they sound. I don’t know – I was never big on criticism except for reader response, historical, and close reading. Everything else, really, seemed pointless to me. But to each their own, you know? I understand the reason why we do it, and how it helps us to look at stories from different angles and sides, but I feel that it does go to far and people miss the story completely in their search for subtext that may not even be there. IF anything, the criticism done on stories reflect more on the author of the essays than the stories themselves. There’s a little psychoanalytical criticism for ya right there.
Dude, my parents gave me Well of Lost Plots and Something Rotten for Christmas! I read well of lost plots last week, and i'm going to start the other once i finish my tom robbins book. I'm so in love with that series!
Squeee!! I need SOmething Rotten! I am SO loving the world that Fforde has created and I want MORE!!!!

Everything is just so...new and creative. It's funny because it doesn't quite work, but then you have to remember what kind of world you're in and it does!

I find it REALLY funny that at Barnes and Nobel it's not listed under Science Fiction/Fantasy but literature...proving that BritLit trumps everything...
(Deleted comment)
Oh p'shaw - you're posts aren't all THAT psycotic! I don't see an Jabberwockies scampering around on your lj! ;)
So maybe we need more criticism of the criticism? And then criticism of that criticism. And so forth and so on.

Seriously, though, that might get interesting. I would be curious to find out what the criticism would look like after, say, fifteen iterations.
eventually you'll end up right back where you began. THe crit of a crit of a crit equals a story?
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