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Okay – why are people getting their panties in a bind over the merger between LiveJournal and 6A?

I’m glad to say that nobody on my friends list has been all “oh NOES!!! TEH MAN is going to delete my 3 years of horrible poetry!!!” This makes me happy.

Here’s how I see the whole thing – LJ is NOT going to get rid of their friends list or their communities. 6A probably wanted LJ for that reason, it’s something that TypePad doesn’t have (and probably won’t get). The world of livejournal is very inward facing (the friends list, the communities, etc), where as the TypePad world is outward facing (more public, less of a community feel to it. Some would say…less cultish?). I highly doubt that 6A is going to assimilate LJ into their current format. That would mean losing customers and that means losing money. What I do see is them combining technology and information to make small changes to both systems (LJ will probably get trackback, and maybe TypePad will get communities?)

On my friends list I have at least 1 early adapter and 1 very highly read LJ. Neither of these people (to my knowledge) have gone running to the hills screaming. Why? Probably because they’re over the age of 17 and also probably because they are intelligent. I also have 1 friend who started on LJ then moved to TypePad and has never really looked back (except for the mocking of stupid LJers and filtered posts. Perhaps that’s something that TypePad will get).

There are going to be changes to LJ, of that I am sure, but I really don’t think that the big bad corporation will come in and destroy your many years of archived angst and woe. And if you really don’t like it – you can quick download all of your saved data, back that bad boy up, post a very angry “OMG – LJ IS TEH SUXORZ IM MOVIN TO DEADJOURNAL!” and be done with it. You will probably be missing out on a great opportunity for new developments in the LJ/TypePad world, but that’s okay.

Meanwhile, over here in the sane part of LJ, I'm going to kick back and enjoy the new benifits that are most definitely coming my way.
6A? TypePad? Merger? I'm out of the loop....

I *have* heard of Deadjournal, though...
There's a news post over here
whoop-di-doo.....OMG OMG OMG!!! Nothing's CHANGING!! AHHHHHH!!!!
People are babies.

Yesterday I read a rumors thread on Slashdot about the merger. Someone was all upset about it and like, "I have been on Livejournal forever! Since back when you needed a code to join!" Bitch, please. I have a user number in the low 2,000s. People thought paid accounts were the first sign of the apocalypse. It's not a big deal.
People just don't like change and they don't like corporations (but please people - like 6A is some huge conglomerate that eats babies and kicks puppies...)

My brother heard about this Tuesday and the wank started to flow yesterday. It's really not going to affect people the way they think it will. But come on! Being overly dramatic is what LJ is all about! :-P
I also love how everyone is all, "Brad sold out to THE MAN!" So what? Dude is 25 and started lj in his dorm room. Maybe now he can have a life instead of having to babysit 500,000 bitchy 16 year olds. I hope he made out like a bandit; he deserves every cent.
He SO does - and he even admitted that he knows jack shit about business. In the long term, that could be BAD for LJ.

The guy deserves to set himself up someplace really nice and take a break from it all. He did an awesome job and I'm sure he'll succeed in anything he wants to in the future.

Also - everybody's all "OMG - don't kiss up to brad!" Like what - saying thanks for giving us a kick ass program doesn't deserve a little praise?
I heard somethign about eating babies and kicking puppies... so I felt I needed to join.

So what are these new benefits we should be looking forward to?

And is this the reason that LJ has been acting up lately? I mean, I'd understand.. going through some big changes can take some getting used to..
*sniffle* Live Journal's almost all growed up!
*wipes eyes* Pretty soon it'll be off to college, start up a family, *blows nose*

Side note: You! Me! Coffee! Needs to happen STAT!
Benifits will probably include better and faster service, more layout designs, featurs such as trackback, and I'm guessing that, much like early adaptors, we might recieve happy little bonuses for staying on.

Either way - this is good for LJ and people just have sand up their cooters.
Now there's a visual that I didn't need while I'm at work. :P
Oooh! what's this trackback stuff?
The peopel that will leave are shitty people anyway. so more space on the servers for us!
Hooray! Thinning of the flock!
You know, seeing as I am relatively new to the whole LJ thing, I have no idea what this whole thing means, other than the fact that a smaller company is getting bought out by a bigger one(whoop de-fucking doo, as long as us LJ users get same benefits[and apparently we do]), but anything that warrants a post with the text "OMG LJ IS TEH SUXORZ" is worth it in my opinion. Cheesy L33t humor is TEH WIN! ;)
But 6A isn't a HUGE company, it's just a little bit bigger than LiveJournal, they just have a better mind for buisness, something that will probably help LJ out in the long run.

And oooh l33t sp34k...making bad spelling look cooler by comparison... ;)
I read his news thing post. . . .it sounds like a good thing for him, and he's probably gonna be able to afford better hookers out of the deal.

As long as my LJ addy stays the same, that's all I'm saying :-p
oh NOES!!! TEH MAN is going to delete my 3 years of horrible poetry!!!

*cough* Sorry, had to.

Honestly, I'm not worried either. I read what BradFitz said about it, and I believe him.