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Lets see - Friday night I hung out with Pearl and Timmy. We went to Vera's (damn, I almost called that KaVarnas...) and then went to go see Phantom of the Opera. It was...not bad. It stayed true to the musical, sorta, with only a few side tracks. And really - staying true to the story is more important than sounding like Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. Just because they started the roles doesn't mean everybody has to go about trying to BE those roles. Sheesh. Overall, good show. I really want to write little parodies for the songs though - they were naughty.

Softly, gently,
let me feel your bosom.
Trust me, touch me,
though I give no reason.
Though it may seem wrong
I'm molesting you with song
And you think that I'm your father's ghost tonight.
It's the power of the music of the night.

I guess you have to see the movie to understand that, but yeah. I should write one for past the point of no return.

Anyways, on Saturday I picked up captainhandsome and we helped Brian and Kelly move their big furniture into their new place. It looks REALLY awesome and I can't wait for their house warming party!

After I helped them move I went to BustBuy and picked up Garden State, Fight Club, and Return of the King.

Today I slept in til noon, and I did my laundry. I've been cleaning up and taking down decorations (finally) all day as I watch Return of the King. Pretty mellow and at least I got some quality sleep in.

Stay tuned this week - I'll probably have my own abridged version of "Phantom of the Opera" up sometime.
Oh, you saw Phantom? How did you like it?

Or dislike it, as it were?

And how are you doing down there in Minneapolis? WRite me a note! :-)
I actually didn't dislike it - I mean, the music was the same and it was a pretty movie. It was just like seeing it on stage with a cast that had a HUGE buget but not the best talent in the world. I just get mad at people who are all "OMG!!! HE'S NOT CRAWFORD! SHE'S NOT BRIGHTMAN! THIS IS TEH SUXORZ!" because, really, that's lame.

But it was pretty, I like the music, Phantom is how I got my name to begine with so it was like a trip down memory lane.

Except that I don't remember there being so much naughty happenings...of course, Im older now and more demented, so I suppose it was only a matter of time.
Indeed? So the Schumacherness was not too obnoxious?

Naughty happenings are never terrible, are they? :-)

Oh, what's your AIM?
That was Saturday we helped Brian & Kelly move. Looooong day for me too.
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, Saturday...I knew that *goes to edit*