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So I was aaaaaaaaaaall about Faramir and Eowyn hooking up in the extended version of ROTK. Instead, it's like two scenes. One of her rising to see the sun rise and him watching her, then another one of them talking about the darkness - they hold hands, he looks into her eyes, she looks into his, they swoon, cuddle a bit, and that's it.

Fuck that noise...

Although - I would probably swoon if Faramir looked into MY eyes...

gah - I'm such a stupid fan girl...
Oh, but the hand-holding was so cute! And two scenes is a hell of a lot better than they got in the theatrical version - one schmoopy look at the coronation and we're supposed to understand they're all in love? bah.

No need to apologize for the Faramir fangirliness. He brings it out in the best of us. squee!
Very true...but I was hoping we'd get a little of
Faramir: Heeeeeey baby....I'm suave and stuff.
Eowyn: Yeah, but you're not Aragorn
Faramir: True, but I don't have a skanky elf bitch waiting for me. Plus, I like the sun rise, too.
Eowyn: Hmmm...no elf whore, likes the sun rise, is totally cute and sensitive...TAKE ME NOW!!!

And Faramir is melt in my panties hot.
Somehow, I have a feeling that Faramir is going to get horribly and terribly Lost...

Melt in your panties? That sounds scary!

Though understandable.