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Tuesday is here but for some reason in my mind it’s Wednesday. That’s not a good sign this early in the week, but hey – it’s okay.

Went grocery shopping last night. I hate grocery shopping. I hate it with a passion that transcends words. I hate it because it’s just not time efficient. Perhaps it’s because I don’t know where everything IS in the store. Lunds changed its layout a few months ago and it still has me confused. If I was confident in the lay out I would write my grocery list in order of where I would need to go in the store to make it go the fastest. I would have it mapped out so I could go in, get the stuff, get out without feeling lost or overwhelmed(“I know you can be overwhelmed and under whelmed, but can you just be whelmed?” “I think you can in Europe…”).

But anyways, that only took about a half hour of my life. And really – Lunds has some crappy layout. They have this itty bitty shelf of eggs that’s right in front of the cheese/dairy section, and there’s always a horrible bottle neck of people fighting over the last packet of string cheese while other people are searching for the holy grail in the carton of eggs. And they were OUT of lipton beefy onion soup mix. Like – COMPLETELY out, almost as if someone went in and took all of them because later on that night they were going to put all the packets in the bathtub then soak themselves in lukewarm broth for some sick fetish. Really people.

Oh – this weekend as I was talking to my mom and she told me that while she was at a city council meeting, a young man recognized her and went up to talk with her. He apparently hung out with the same group that I did and came over to our house for our parties and such. I have NO CLUE who this guy is – I have no remembrance of him AT ALL. I even looked him up in my year book and there’s STILL no memory of him. This is a shame because my mom said he grew up to be A FINE FINE young man (that is a direct quote) and he remembers me. Said I was “smart and funny.” He now runs his own consulting company in Davis. So we have young, good looking guy, remembers me positively, runs his own business…I told her that the next time she sees him she should causally mention that I’m coming into town next month and here’s her email why don’t you two have coffee?

This is probably the only time I’m going to let mom play matchmaker, but really – I’m intrigued.
oooOOOOoooooo! Blind date!

You'd hate grocery shopping with me. I just wander up and down all the aisles even though I only needed 2 or 3 things. and then I get to the checkout with 10 or 15 things
I just really, REALLY hate grocery shopping...I was thinking about using simon delivers, but that just makes me look lazy...
no no no....not LAZY! It' means you're very BUSY! :P
(Deleted comment)
I find that I'm happier with Lunds' quality compaired to Rainbow, but you're right - rainbow does make a hell of a lot more sense...
heh- at least you dont work in a grocery store and are still oblivious to the layout..customers ask me where things are...and i get a glazed over look...not good!
P.S. i hate grocery shopping too, except that it means i have food to eat again
it's a nessicary evil...

I think it's also everybody else wandering around going "duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, where's dah fruit snacks?"
that's why I go up and down every aisle. so I don't miss anything and have to ask :-P
I recall being very confused by Lunds. Although that might have been partly due to sleep deprivation.
I think that if stores are in a chain, they should all follow the same layout plan (w/o change so as to avoid confusion), or every store in the country follow a set of guidelines for where things can and cannot be moved to so no one gets the awkward feeling of being lost in a grocery store ever again! Sound good to you?
I know that Target has guidelines for floorplans and layouts. To this day, I cna't find anything in our Target because they had to change to fit within the standards.
Hey...don't knock beef onion soup bathing til you've tried it. ...>.> <.<... Some people will go to great lengths to fulfill their fetishes. ;)
I'm curious about who the guy is now (and if maybe I might remember him)...
His name is Eric Johnson and he graduated a year before us. I honestly have NO clue who he is...but he looks cute in his year book picture...
Hmmmm...don't know who he is. =( The name sounds vaguely familiar, but it might be because it's such a generic name. Hope you get to meet him! ;)