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I was sick today - woke up in the middle of the night, threw up, woke up this morning with a fever. I wonder if it was something I ate - after drinking nothing but water and some v8, I'm feeling much better but ugh - most of today was spent in bed/hovering over my toilet. Ugh.

Anyways, Lost tonight. HOLY SHIT. I owe Pearl money because I said Boone was going to be gay. I totally didn't buy that whole "brother/sister sex!" thing. In the end, they were just step siblings. But still.

Favorite moments of the show:
Sayid: oooo - I made a compass!
Locke: Wow, you are so resourcesful. Man, I haven't done that since I was, like, 12.
Sayid: Oh.
Locke: Yeah, I was a geek and played with knots. I wasn't very popular.
Sayid: *gives him the "no shit" look.*
Locke: If you want a compass, here, have mine.
Sayid: But...don't you need this anymore?
Locke: Bitch, please. I OWN this island.

Hurley: Shit man. Can't you give a guy a break and/or a fish?
Jin: *laughs and fishes some more*
Hurley: No, really. OW!! I JUST STEPPED ON A SEA URCHIN!
Jin: *rolls eyes and helps him to the shore*
Hurley: Fuck man! You're gonna have to pee on it!!
Jin: *Oh fuck THAT noise*
Hurley: There's a rumor on this island that you speak english. That true?
Jin: *rolls eyes*
Hurley: I totally want to fuck your wife.
Jin: *the look of death*

Kate: So blah blah blah joke about myself
Sun: *laughs*
Kate: OMG - you understand me!
Sun: Yeah, but...um...don't tell, especially my abusive husband.
Kate: Why would you lie?
Sun: Haven't you ever lied to the man you loved?
Kate: *sniffles* No, I killed the man I loved.

Shannon: I know you love me.
Boone: Um, no, I don't.
Shannon: Fuck that and fuck me.
Boone: Okie doke.
*few minutes later*
Shannon: We'll just go home and go about life as usual.
Boone: But what about that passionate drunk sex?
Shannon: Eh, wasn't all that good. I've been around and you...well...
Boone: Bitch.

Monster: ROOOOOOOOAR!!! *crunch crunch BUURP*
Locke: This was aaaaaaaaaall a dream....oooooooonly a dream!
Boone: So...she's not dead? But....I was kinda glad...
Meg: You and me both, Boone.

Yuck. Feel better soon!
Wait, so have you actually grown to like V8 now? Do we have a convert onto the "veggie juice is yummy" side? (if so, YAYAYAY!)
Yes - I do rather like v8....it's....wrong and scary, but I enjoy a glass of it in the morning...
YAY!!!!!! We have a convert! ::Does the happy dance of V8 LUUUUVVV:: It is not wrong and scary, embrace the wholesome yummy goodness of liquified veggies!

Oooooh. Now I'm looking forward to drinking some when I get back to the U.S. Most of the veggie juices here are thin and runny with added sugar...ick. I'll be glad to get back to my stew-like, non-sweetened, V8.
Locke: Bitch, please. I OWN this island.

Man, that was such a good scene. Locke is so cool and creepy with his owningness of the island. I still think Sayid gets crafty points for making his own compass though, even if Locke does think it's kid stuff. You don't have a compass, you make one; doesn't matter whether you learned it in Weebilos(?) or the Republican Guard.

Jin: *the look of death*

See, I didn't read Jin's look as such a clear reaction to what Hurley said, at least not as much as Sun smiling at Kate's joke. I don't think that necessarily means Jin can't speak English - in fact, I'm pretty sure they're setting us up for 'OMG both the Koreans speak English and they're just faking!!' - I think he's just better at faking it than Sun is, maybe because he's been faking it longer (learned English while working for her father and has been hiding it from her, etc.)

To sum up: the Boone/Shannon stuff - thank god it's only quasi-incest, not incest-incest. Though still, I've got step-brothers, and just... no. Boone's hallucinations in the forest were pretty awesome, and I really liked the honesty of the last scene - not a lot of people would admit they were relieved at the death (which they perceived as real at the time) of a family member. Though anyone who has a sibling, step- or otherwise, can probably empathize at least a teensy bit with the wanting not to be responsible for them anymore.

the Shannon/Sayid stuff - I love that they have actual, natural chemistry. Way more so than Jack & Kate, and even a bit more than Kate & Sawyer - the Shannon/Sayid chemistry comes across even when they're not rolling around in the grass/on the beach or frolicking under a waterfall. (Although I certainly wouldn't complain...)

And it just now occurs to me - Hey! there was no Sawyer in this ep! well, except for in the background at the police station. I was so distracted by all the cool stuff I didn't even notice.

I guess this comment is probably long enough, so in conclusion: Lost is cool. the end.
I still don't like shannon and I really REALLY wish she HAD been eaten. She doesn't deserve Sayid.

And as for Sawyer - he looks like he's back to his slimey self in the next ep :-D