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LJ is back and running!!!

*goes back to playing Pikmin 2*

And THIS happens to be the quintessential comic on the crash of LJ.

As for myself...Last night I felt a great disturbance in the internet as if a million overly emotional teenagers all screamed out in fear and then died out...
(Deleted comment)
S*P is appropriate for EVERY occasion.
I don't think all the angst-ridden teens offed themselves during the outage. Maybe only a few of them did.
and the rest just made little cuts in their legs...
I'm all upset because you sent Whoa a letter and didn't send me one... *pout*
H. There's your letter. That'll be $5. ;)
too bad I've copyrited the letter "T".

You owe me $10 for every usage, therefore, you owe me $50

email me your address and I'll mail you a letter complete with illustrations.


you need to get Worms for ggame cube...uber fun game to play when you have company.
Hehehehe...I love the Obi-Wan bit.