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1. I still feel like crap. However, the symptoms feel more like allergies. My eyes are itchy, my lips are chapped, my head feels stuffed with cotton. It’s all very bizarre. I feel a bit better when I’m outside my condo (like when I’m here at work) but my head is still stuffy. I just went downstairs and bought some benadryl. If this is an allergic reaction to something, it should be cleared up pretty soon.

2. This week I am going on a cleaning binge. If there is something I’m allergic to in my place I will kill it with massive amounts of Lysol and bleach. I already started on Sunday by washing and replacing the sheets on my bed and attacking my kitchen with a force that defies words. So on my way home tonight I’m stopping by the store and picking up some hardcore cleaning supplies. I think I’m going to finish my kitchen and dining room tonight, move to the foyer and living room on Tuesday, hit the den like it was a Florida trailer park and I was Hurricane Hugo on Wednesday, then ransack my bedroom on Thursday – drunken jock on prom night style. Also, on Thursday I need to take down all of my blinds. Why? This leads us to…

3. On Friday I am getting my windows replaced. Yes, that’s right. This is the first home improvement that I’m doing. They will be insulated windows, double hung from Anderson Windows. I am very excited about this, but not too excited that I’ll be paying for them every month for the next five years. But it will be very nice to have for a number of reasons: A) No more drafts. B) No more storm windows. C) Better air circulation in the summer time. D) Make my condo worth more. E) They will be pretty and I like pretty things.

4. Two things crossed my mind while I was home sick this weekend. One: I want to paint my bedroom this summer. I was thinking a light purple/lavender color on the walls, a dark purple border about 6 inches wide around the top of the walls and along the ceiling, then paint the ceiling dark dark dark blue or black and then stencil/sponge silver stars on it. Yes, I know that dark colors will make it seem smaller, but my walls are so high that I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Plus, I like the idea of sleeping under stars. Two: Pikmin 2 is the devil and more addictive that crack. At least I haven’t been dreaming about it (That has been known to happen to me).

5. Oh – this week I’m going to try to go see the doctor on Friday, just in case this thing ISN’T simply an allergic reaction to something. So I’ll be breaking out my bright and shiny health insurance card and seeing if I can get an appointment. I’m a little nervous – I haven’t been to the doctor in YEARS (not because I’m afraid – I have no fear of doctors and I don’t understand why people do – but simply because…well…I just haven’t.) but now that I have some happy insurance I figure it’ll be a good thing to do.
Oh man, i hope you feel better! If you aren't better by friday, i think going to the doctor is the right choice.

Dude, your bedroom idea sounds awesome! IF you need any help with the painting and such, i would be available to help i'm sure. You could have a painting party!! hehe.