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Photo taken by my father at the UpTown Diner, November 2004
priceless :)
Oh jesus Meg. .... lol
I very much agree with your brother. =)
DUDE! Sweetest photo EVER
Oh, totally!

But then there would be no hiding the tongue piercing :P
Nah. It should the jacket photo for your third novel. Seriously though, that picture looks too much like you. When I met Tad Williams (whose standard jacket photo makes him look like a pirate), he looked like a wizard.

It's a really nice photo, though.
Meg darling, that picture cracks me up. Cuteness.

Did you get my voicemails last week? Up for coffee??????
Yes! I've been meaning to call you but last week was totally lost in a haze of illness and most of this week was spent in a cloud of anti-histamines!

NExt week is looking VERY open for coffee - what does your schedule look like?
I would totally buy a book with that picture on it.
Dude, totally.
CLASSIC Meg! Just classic! I love it!

Yo, call me!